Sodium tetraborate - features and applications
Известный эксперимент: изготовление шарика из буры и крахмалаmaterials
Sodium tetraborate, borax - sodium salt of boric acid. Approved in the European Union for use in food as a preservative (E285).
What roofing material to choose? – Tips
Мягкая кровля или металлочерепицаRoof
Building your own home, every person thinks, What is the best roofing for your home?. Сегодня потребители имеют возможность
Steel pipes: kinds, characteristics, application
стальные трубыmaterials
Steel pipes have a wide range of applications. Many industries, such as construction or mining, can't imagine without them.
TSS Cleaf panels: collection for professionals, setting trends
TSS CLEAFmaterials
TSS Cleaf Professional boards are definitely better than "regular" laminated boards, as they have a much thicker and harder coating of the decorative layer.
Thermal insulation for water floor heating – what to choose and where to buy
Теплоизоляция для водяного теплого полInsulation
Creating a normal microclimate in the house, you need to strive to, so that an even distribution of heat occurs when heating the room.
Stucco molding in the apartment and in the house - what material to choose from and how to install
Лепнина в квартире и в домеVideo
Stucco molding in the apartment and in the house - what material to choose from and how to install. Геометричные или растительные орнаменты создают в помещении особую атмосферу торжественности
Driven reinforced concrete piles - differences, production
Забивные железобетонные сваиmaterials
The popularity of the pile foundation is due to the identification of problem areas, objects allocated for construction. Устойчивым спросом пользуются железобетонные
Types and advantages of paving slabs
Преимущества тротуарной плиткиmaterials
Quite recently, instead of the asphalt and concrete usual for domestic roads and paths, paving slabs began to be used quite often..
Caprolon: application area, characteristics and advantages
Unlike other plastics, caprolon has a high degree of strength. Polyamide parts are used instead of metal. Материал сохраняет свои
Aspen lining – pros and cons of the material
Вагонка из осиныBathroom
Wood is one of the most demanded and popular building materials. Aspen is endowed with numerous excellent qualities, что позволяет строить