How to choose furniture for a small and narrow bedroom? Tips
комоды и шкафы для узкой спальниInterior
The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the apartment., Therefore, it is very important to properly plan the arrangement of this space.. The bedroom is our personal
How to equip the office of the head (director)?
Дизайн кабинета руководителяInterior
Equipping the office of the head, you need to take into account the importance, functionality and prestige of the premises, because it “organization showcase”
Paintings for men: recommendations for choosing a plot
Тонкости выбора картины для мужчины на подарокInterior
Nowadays, works of fine art are one of the popular options for gifts for significant events., Birthdays, anniversaries.
kitchen, arrangement of the kitchen, kitchen interier: answering popular kitchen questions
Кухня, обустройство кухни, интерьер кухниInterior
The kitchen is one of the most visited places in the house and therefore it is necessary to approach its arrangement with all seriousness.. To make your kitchen the best it can be
Living room in scandinavian style – features and design principles
Гостиная, оформленная в скандинавском стиле маленького размераInterior
Scandinavian-style interior always pleases with spaciousness, sublime simplicity and functionality. Bright colors and lots of wood – distinctive features of this style.
Sculpture: history of occurrence, manufacturing methods, application area
Скульптура история возникновенияInterior
Sculpture is considered the oldest form of art.. Archeology to this day find clay figures in places of human settlements, stone, bones, wood.
Colors of kitchen furniture
декора с использованием деревянного потолкаKITCHEN
Recently, kitchen furniture has undergone changes. Cladding panels in colorful colors have become fashionable., such as red, blue, yellow, gray and others.
Selection Guide for floor plinth
Руководство по выбору плинтуса для полаVideo
Here are the most frequently asked questions with answers, on plinths. Also, the main types of plinths for floor.
How to equip a studio apartment in the Scandinavian style?
Как обустроить квартиру-студию в скандинавском стилеInterior
The practicality of Scandinavian style is very crucial for arranging studio apartments. Direction will help rationally plan the interior, keeping the maximum
Decorating the office with decorative stone
камень декоративныйInterior
Successful design of office space is an integral component of business success. Cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the workplace is not only needed leadership