Sculpture is considered the oldest form of art.. Archeology to this day find clay figures in places of human settlements, stone, bones, wood. In all parts of the world a large number of idols of truly gigantic proportions have been preserved.. The emergence of art was the desire of people to express their respect to the deities, preserve the memory of loved ones. Some sculptures of ancient peoples are still of high cultural value.Sculpture Origin

Sculpture can be found everywhere. Memorial compositions, monuments to great personalities and garden figures adorn the streets, city ​​squares and parks. Sculptural portraits of ancestors are kept in many families.. Sculpture from a photo to order allows you to accurately convey the customer's facial features and some characterological features. IN-ART craftsmen will take into account all the wishes of the customer in the manufacture of the product (material, style, dimensions, terms and cost).

Sculpture manufacturing technology

The concept of "sculpture" is considered synonymous with the words "sculpture" and "plastic". In the classic version, the sculptor carves or carves an image from hard material, removing excess mass. Antique and Renaissance sculptors favored marble. It is not only luxurious, but also easy-to-handle material. At the beginning of the twentieth century, craftsmen began to carve their works mainly from granite..

Another method of manufacturing is plasticine modeling., clays, wax, in which the master, on the contrary, adds plastic mass to create the required volume.

Various methods of material processing are currently in use – casting, chasing, forging, welding. Metal is used as materials, gypsum, ceramics, glass. A custom-made stone sculpture will be an excellent solution for decorating a park, home or memorial.

Types of sculpture

The main subject of the image is a person and the real world around him.. The external appearance of the human figure conveys the inner world and character. The shape of the image can be any: head, bust, a statue, sculptural group. Animal statues belong to the animalistic genre.

The sculpture can be freely placed in space (round) or depicted on a plane (relief). She is attracted to sculpture by its tangibility and tactility.. When perceiving works of art, each person unconsciously has a desire to touch the image with his hand, feel its volume and three-dimensionality.


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