Selection Guide for floor plinth

Here are the most frequently asked questions with answers, on plinths. Also, the main types of plinths for floor. If you have further questions about the choice of plinths recommend to contact us and we will try to answer them.

Selection Guide for floor plinth

Choosing plinth

What functions does the skirting board perform??

Skirting several functions. First of all, their main task – hide gaps around the perimeter of all rooms on the floor and wall junction. The creation of such gaps is to eliminate the influence of shrinkage and swelling material, material of the floor (eg, boards or wood panels) and thus protects it from creating bulges under the influence of changes in humidity. When buying a skirting board, you should pay attention to the fact, Racks to thickness sufficient to cover the joints. Plinths protect the walls from damage and contamination, to which they are exposed while cleaning or mopping the floor. Most skirting boards have recesses in the back plane, which allow for invisible cable distribution. the last, but very important function of the baseboard, It is the aesthetic appearance. He may have interesting shapes, which will give the interior an appropriate character and ensure the creation of harmony. Skirting boards are the notorious dot above the "i" in the decoration of any interior, but that these details affect the final result.

How to choose a baseboard for the interior?

Skirting boards for the interior can be selected in several ways.:

  • Skirting comes to sex

Selection of a plinth which is combined with the color of the floor – It is a traditional and safe option. It does not introduce a new color into the interior and thereby avoids the situation., when the wrong shade can ruin the whole effect. The big advantage of this solution is the fact, that baseboard, matched to the color of the floor visually increases the area of ​​the room. And, the higher the baseboard will be, the illusion of increase will be greater. It should be borne in mind, that such a procedure simultaneously visually reduces the height of the room. It is also worth paying attention to the fact, that high skirting boards combined with a dark floor can create an overwhelming effect, therefore, this combination is optimal for light floors.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to choose the color of the skirting board for the color of the floor. It's relatively easy, when dealing with popular European wood species (such as oak, beech or ash). They have a stable color scheme., so the baseboard, usually, good for floor, if it is made of the same breed. The situation looks different if you deal with mahogany floor, because this type of wood is characterized by unstable colors. It can take a color from golden honey to dark brown.. Also, some shades change color from olive brown to black brown, although most often they are dark red. Besides, exotic wood unlike European, oxidizes more, so that over time the floor can significantly change its color.


Buying mahogany floor and skirting board, made by different manufacturers can lead to, that they will not match each other. A similar problem occurs with floor colors., which have fancy shades. To perfectly match the skirting board in color, need to find a manufacturer, who will offer it along with the floor. If the manufacturer does not make skirting boards, then find products, which will match the floor, can be quite difficult.

Problems with mahogany floors can be solved by manufacturers of skirting boards made of PVC. They offer a very rich color scheme., however, keep in mind, that the color of the skirting board can only be similar to the color of the floor. Moreover, strips of PVC because of its artificiality does not belong to the most prestigious aesthetic and interior finishing methods, therefore, they will not always be in harmony with other elements in the room.

  • Skirting board for furniture

A very good option would be the selection of skirting boards for the color of furniture. This combination can be used both indoors, where the shade of furniture matches the color of the floor. so there, where he only emphasizes his contrast. Through the use of color, which is already present in the interior, achieved aesthetic, consistent and harmonious interaction.

As opposed to matching skirting boards to the color of the floor, in this case, there is no problem with the correct selection of colors. If the furniture fits or contrasts with the floor, then choosing the right skirting board should not turn into a big problem. If the furniture is varnished, then you can varnish the baseboard to achieve the desired shade or, in the case of white, just purchase finished products (must be, but, remember, that white can also be of different shades).

  • The skirting board matches the wall color

Another pretty safe option – this is the installation of the skirting board, which can have the same color shade as the walls. It is applied not only in cases, when it is difficult to match the plinth to the floor or furniture. This is due to the fact, what products, painted in the color of the walls, look subtle and at the same time very elegant. And, as opposed to contrasting colors, do not visually reduce the room. This solution also allows the use of the most interesting and bold textures and tones in the other interior elements without fear of an excessive effect. Very often the baseboard and wall paint colors, which differ by one or more tones.

  •  The plinth has a contrast with the other elements

Installation of skirting boards is often an interesting solution., which do not match any of the elements, in the room. It may seem risky, but in most cases, prudently, very good effect is achieved. Skirting board, that doesn't fit the floor, furniture and walls has a pronounced decorative function and in itself may indicate the attractiveness of the interior.

Contrasting finishes include, eg, aluminum and steel products. They are often installed in modern interiors, and even, if you do not fit in color to other elements, their nature is perfectly combined with the style of the room. another contrast, but the safest option is to install the white baseboards in the room, where this color is only present on the ceiling. this shade, due to its neutrality and versatility, looks great in almost all interiors. Thanks to this, today it is a very popular solution., especially when there is a problem with the choice of colors. much less, but surely, very interesting solution, a choice of bright colors. In this case, make sure that, to carefully choose the colors and texture of the other elements. In order to achieve a more harmonious and light finish, necessary to put small items inside the room, suitable color to the plinth. It will also be useful advice from an experienced interior designer, which can help you in choosing the right colors. Of course, worth to take the risk, associated with the multi-colored plinths, because as a result it will be possible to create an interesting and unique interior.

What thickness should the skirting board have??


The main function of the plinth is a joint masking. Therefore, when you select should pay particular attention to the fact, the thickness must be sufficient to cover the connector. It is also worth noting, that manufacturing rich, beautiful ornamented pattern is only possible if the respective thickness of the plinth.

What height should the plinth have?


If the thickness of the skirting is caused seam width, in the case of height selection is possible almost complete arbitrariness. Height, mostly, It depends on, what you expect from a plinth. If he will only serve to cover up the seams and should be as less visible, it may be narrow plinth floor, and naturally, the height should be reduced to a minimum. And if the plinth will serve a decorative function, the height recommended to choose more. Therefore, sometimes it happens, that in very large spaces and buildings used narrow plinth floor, while in small apartments can see the big, decorative plinth.

Most often, but, plinth selected according to the area and height of the apartment / house. In the case of medium-sized rooms with standard height Clients often choose the height 5-6 See for wood, and 8-10 cm for the other products (eg, lacquered mDF). If dealing with high rooms, then the skirtings are usually chosen higher. When selecting skirting should pay attention to the installation height of sockets when they are still in the project stage. You need to plan them at the height of, that it allowed the individual fastener straps baseboards.

How to calculate the number of bars required for the plinth?


To calculate the number of bars required, It is necessary to make measurements of all rooms on their perimeter, and then subtract the width of the holes, such as doors, windows and balcony connectors. To the result you need to add about 5-10% stock, associated with losses during skirting. The amount of stock depends on, whether the rooms are only long straight walls or many short sections. In the case of the second option, received during installation, trimming skirting can be used on short walls, then the stock will require less.

The curves of the walls, choose a plinth?


In the case of uneven walls, which are often found in old buildings, Customers are looking for the plinth, which can be adjusted to the interior. However, the presence of the walls does not necessarily mean, that the selection lists is significantly narrowed.

This is due to the fact, in the case of curved walls are advised not to squeeze skirting to fit the curvature. Strips should be installed directly, and in the case of large gaps between the skirting and the wall to fill the space with glue thus, so he joined the bar with the wall. In the case of very large gaps, washers can be placed between the baseboard and the wall, thanks to which it will be possible to use less glue. The resulting gap after installation is necessary to fill with acrylic varnish (or zamazkoy), and then paint in the color of the walls. Through the use of the technology presented, an optical illusion is achieved., which hides the roughness of the walls.

If you want to still fit the plinth on the wall curves, you can use rubber baseboard to the floor. by the way, rubber, baseboards do not exist as such - there are PVC profiles with rubberized edges (often they have special gum around the edges, which is adjacent to the walls).

The walls in the shape of an arc, choose any plinth?


When, if the walls in the form of arches should be usedsoft skirting for floor made of flexible plastic. Depending on the design, the minimum bend radius suggested by the manufacturers – it is approximately 100 cm. But in fact, most skirting boards of this type can be mounted even on columns with a radius that is several times smaller (although not recommended by manufacturers, since the pattern for small radii can be deformed).

The plinth of this type can be found in the range of enterprises, engaged in interior decoration, (such, such as NMC, Orac Decor, Europlast). Unfortunately, the choice of flexible models is limited, and their cost is relatively high. Almost every flexible baseboard, fortunately, has a hard counterpart, which is much cheaper and can be installed on straight walls. In the market you can also find products of wood and MDF Curved pattern, but, Unfortunately, they are also very expensive solution.

How to get the effect of very high baseboards?


Plinth as standard with a height of 20 cm. Sometimes it happens, that the products installed in a room is much higher. Usually, higher plinth must be made to order, and the only material, which allows the production of large, stable plinth, this mDF (Wood is not recommended as it can be subject to deformation over time).

The effect of a high plinth, but, can be obtained without having to custom order via one of two ways:. First – is the installation of two brackets plinth "bookmark" (a photo №1). The first strip is attached at a height of a few centimeters above the floor. Then dokleivaetsya second strap thereto (you must install the washer between the bottom bar and the wall, to which it is adhered).


The second way is to install a traditional plinth on the floor. Then over him, a few centimeters above, you can install one or more slats on the wall (available in the assortment of companies, producing these products: NMC, Plow, Mardom, Europlast, Creative). The last step is to paint the baseboards and walls in a solid color., which is in between (a photo № 2). Thus, at a relatively low price, you can get the effect of even very high skirting boards.

Types of floor plinths.

Characteristics baseboards, made of wood


Wood products are the most common choice when selecting a plinth floor, made of natural, readily available species of wood. The use of skirting boards on such a floor, which simulates a tree, made for example, made of plastic, causes the achievement of an unaesthetic appearance.

Shaped wooden baseboards

Wood products are mainly found in two different forms.

  • The first one – these are decorative skirting boards, characterized by the, that they are relatively thin at the top, and close on the floor about 2-3 cm. Such products are installed "diagonally" and in a large empty space, which is formed behind them you can hide cables.
  • The second type of wooden skirting boards – basement. it puts a flat to the wall. Their front part is decorated with a round top or decorative milling. They are more elegant, but no one can hide behind them cable.

Kinds of wooden skirting boards

Wooden plinth may be made one of two ways:.


  • First, traditional way, consists in cutting a plank of the appropriate shape from one long piece of wood. These planks, made of so-called solid wood. Thanks to, that the plank is made entirely of one type of wood, in case of damage, they can be easily replaced. These skirting boards are also very durable.. but, they are the more expensive option, than veneered skirting boards, and with very large dimensions they can deform over time.
  • A second fabrication technique consists in conjunction with one another on so-called panels, a large number of short pieces of slat, made of softwood (eg, Pine, ale). The resulting long piece of plank is then veneered, that is, covered with a thin layer of natural wood of the selected species. Skirting boards, thus obtained, called veneered. It is worth paying attention to the fact, that for producing veneered skirting strips are sometimes also used, made of MDF which is then coated with a thin veneer layer. Such skirting boards are cheaper than the previous version. To offer them a wider choice of types of wood, and due to the connection on the panel after installation they practically do not deform. Unfortunately, in case of damage to the veneer layer called light wooden softwood.

Finish wooden plinth

Skirting boards made of solid wood, mostly, only cheese can be purchased as a, that is, sanded and prepared for DIY finishing. This creates the need for additional work, but thanks to that, that the product can be painted with exactly the same varnish, oil or stain, what is the floor, then this greatly simplifies the task.

In its turn, veneered skirting boards are available in two versions: for DIY finishing and already varnished. Lacquered veneer skirting boards, usually, match gender, varnished of the same type. In case the floor, coated with solvent based paint, oil or stained, this is the color, Unfortunately, will not match the shade of the skirting board. In this case, it is better to purchase a plinth for self-finishing..

Features baseboards, made of MDF


MDF is a medium thickness board, obtained by pressing wood fibers with the addition of connecting adhesives for bonding, promoting hardening under high pressure and temperature conditions. This material is easily processed and is often used in the manufacture of furniture and such items., like panels, doors and skirting boards. MDF, usually, covered with a layer of laminate or veneer.

Skirting boards, made of MDF are one of the most common options for interior decoration. Greatest success, certainly, enjoy lacquered MDF skirting boards. They come in white as standard, but in most cases, at extra charge, can also be varnished in any color from the RAL palettes, NCS or ICA.

Lacquered MDF plantations have many advantages. First of all, due to the fact that MDF is a relatively inexpensive material, then the end product in the form of a skirting board has an attractive price. Thanks to spray coating, the surface of the baseboard acquires a very beautiful appearance, which cannot be obtained at home by painting it with a brush or roller. MDF skirting boards are also characterized by high hardness., which is further enhanced by varnish. Thanks to a wide selection of models, like classic, so modern, almost everyone can find a product to their liking. If necessary, you can also make a custom baseboard.


Unfortunately, MDF skirting boards also have a big drawback, which adversely affects their longevity. Namely, they are not resistant to moisture. Swelling of a standard MDF board with a thickness 16 mm after immersion in water is about 12%. It means, what is the installation of this type of skirting board for floors, eg, in the bathrooms, associated with great risk.

Of course, skirting boards can be somewhat protected from moisture. Their lower edges are often varnished or laminated.. Of great importance is also professional installation - it is the form, corners and cuts should be made this way, to minimize the risk of swelling. Then the skirting board can last without any problems for a long time..

Skirting boards are also available on the market., made of MDF with increased moisture resistance (with a green tint). They are often mistakenly identified as waterproof.. Indeed, their swelling is just about 30-40% less, than standard MDF boards, but the risk of swelling when interacting with moisture remains. So that, if you are going to choose floor skirting board, better see other materials.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact, that in case of deformation, MDF skirting boards are very difficult to repair or fix on their own. In case of mechanical damage, the use of corrective varnish will leave a mark - the same varnish, applied by spray or brush, will result in a slightly different shade.

In addition to lacquered MDF skirting boards, there are also solid wood skirting boards and veneered on the market.. Wooden skirting boards are not expensive to purchase, but due to the high absorbency, problems may arise when they are self-painted. In its turn, veneered skirting boards have a thin layer of natural wood instead of paint and have similar advantages and disadvantages, that of MDF skirting board.

Characteristics baseboards, made of polystyrene, polymer and polyurethane


Skirting boards, made of polystyrene and polymer are characterized by similar properties, but they are called differently due to different manufacturers. Skirting boards, made from these materials, along with MDF skirting boards, are most popular.

Polystyrene – this is plastic - a polymer from the group of polyolefins, which is obtained in the process of polymerization of styrene. Pure polystyrene is colorless., hard thermoplastic (this material is formed by melting) with very limited flexibility, but when mixed with additives it forms the basis of many plastics.

Polystyrene is used for the production of acid resistant pipes, electrical elements, isolators, household appliances, automotive parts, of toys, packaging, haberdashery and everyday products. Also used in the manufacture of thermal insulation materials., used in construction (eg, polystyrene foam).


Such skirting boards are basically, primed and ready to be painted. Products made from this material have many advantages.. The highest can be considered very high moisture resistance - skirting boards have proven themselves in places, in which there is high humidity, (eg, the bathrooms). They also do not require much attention when cleaning the floor.. Due to their high moisture resistance, these skirting boards have very low shrinkage and swelling.. Polystyrene, which is used for their production, high density, due to which they resemble wood with their hardness, (eg, beech).

In case of mechanical damage, just fill the cavity with glue, and when repairing all skirting boards, you can simply repaint. Some products are made of polystyrene rigid and flexible analogue, so that the plinth of this type can be used in rooms with walls in the form of an arc. installation itself is not complicated, since polystyrene is easy to cut.

In the context of the shortcomings, it is worth noting, that skirting boards are relatively expensive, compared, eg, with products from MDF, but the difference in price depends primarily on the material used for the production of. They also require painting, but, thereby, after mounting not visible compound.

Polyurethane products can also be placed next to polystyrene skirting boards.. They are characterized by similar advantages and disadvantages.. The main difference is the material, which was used to make. Polyurethane foam is considered a more noble material. It allows you to get elements of any size and shape., with rich and very clear ornaments. The advantage of polyurethane skirting boards is the fact, that every hard template has a version, made of flexible plastic. If you want to pick up tile baseboard then such a solution would be most welcome.

Characteristics baseboards, made of metal


An interesting solution for a modern interior is the installation of a plinth made of metal. They are great, eg, for polymer floors, but look equally good in ordinary interiors, if you want to give them a more modern character.
These skirting boards are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel.. Anodizing – this is a process, the purpose of which is to increase the hardness of aluminum and further protect it from corrosion. These products are usually sold in the color shade of natural aluminum., or can be painted in a different color. Steel skirting boards are most often seen in one of two interpretations.: stainless polished (brilliant) and matte (satin).

The advantages of a skirting board made of metal include, that they are very durable and have an aesthetic coating, which gives the interior an expressive, modernity. Due to the excellent consumer parameters, products of this type meet high requirements and can be installed in public facilities. On the other hand, metal skirting boards are often very expensive.. But if you need reliable floor skirting board, then this material will do just fine.

Among aluminum skirting boards you can find various designs and sizes., however, they are all characterized by relatively simple forms. In the case of steel products, the choice of models is very small - due to the specifics of the material, only very simple constructions can be obtained from it. It's also great tile baseboard.

Characteristics baseboards, made of PVC


PVC (polyvinylchloride) is one of the most commonly used plastics in the world. He also found his application in the manufacture of skirting boards..

Plastic baseboard, made from this material, characterized by a large number of advantages. First of all, such products are very easy to install., usually, consist of two elements, of which one is mounted to the wall with mounting dowels, and then the second is connected to it with the help of mounts. Such skirting boards in most cases have corresponding accessories in the form of corners, plugs and connectors, which greatly simplifies installation (no need to cut the slats at an angle). There is also plenty of free space inside., in order to hide the wires. Thanks to a very large selection of colors, plastic baseboards manage to combine with different color shades. The price of the skirting board is also very attractive., but you should pay attention to the fact, that you must also purchase appropriate mounting accessories, which can significantly affect the final amount.


As the others, plastic baseboard has its drawbacks. Some people find this a bad decision.. Skirting data may not be in harmony with wood floors or panels - this is due to, that products often look just artificial. Finished corners, despite, that they are easy to install, look much worse, than a classic skirting board, angled. Plastic baseboards, mostly, fit snugly against the wall, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, they fit the unevenness of the walls., but on the other can make these bumps more noticeable.

Installation of skirting boards

How to install skirting boards?


The baseboard is the notorious dot above the i in the decoration of any interior.. Therefore, you can install it do it yourself, but it’s better to take care, to be installed professionally. Installation of skirting boards, it seems, relatively simple task, but in fact it can create big problems for people, who do not do this every day. Therefore, it is worth investing in an experienced specialist, who specializes in mounting skirting boards, and has the appropriate equipment for their installation. Thereby, products after installation will look aesthetically pleasing and will last a long time. How to install a skirting board do it yourself can see the video for this article.

How to connect the baseboard in the corners?


Most skirting boards do not have accessories in the form of finished corners. This may seem like a flaw., but in fact the whole charm and beauty of the skirting board lies in exactly fitted corners. Finished corners, although they represent a simplification during installation, but always associated with higher costs, and certainly, worst end result.

When, when the skirting board does not have mounting accessories in the form of corners and plugs, they must be sharpened accordingly at the ends. In this case, the ends of the strips should be cut at an angle 45 degrees in the appropriate direction (whichever, inner or outer corner you need to get), and then connect them. All this can be done without difficulty. do it yourself. Combinations, necessary to obtain the outer and inner corner, presented in the figures below. For custom angles, you need to take accurate measurements with a protractor.


How to finish the baseboard in the middle of the wall or in correctly designing the joints


Most skirting boards do not have cap accessories. Fortunately, this is not a big problem, since the trims can be cut properly, which gives a very beautiful finish. There are cases, when the baseboard ends in the middle of the wall, (which is often related, eg, with a door), or connects to another bar, which is distinguished by design and height. Then you need to perform the so-called closure of the bar, which is achieved using its corresponding slice.


Two types of closure are possible - “into the wall” and “floor”. Cutting combinations, required to obtain them are presented in the figures below. In case of closing the plank “into the wall” the cutter, located on it is turned towards the wall, and in case of closing the strip “to the floor” the cutter turns in the direction of the floor.

You can learn more about mounting the skirting board in the video for this article.:


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