Materials with which you can quickly and cheaply improve the facade of the house
Дом облицованный кирпичным сайдингомmaterials
Facade, that is, the outer surface of the building wall with all the elements on it is the hallmark of the house. Стоит позаботиться
Selection Guide for floor plinth
Руководство по выбору плинтуса для полаVideo
Here are the most frequently asked questions with answers, on plinths. Also, the main types of plinths for floor.
Fine finishing apartment: advantages and disadvantages
Чистовая отделка квартиры: плюсы и минусыdecoration
In contrast to the rough finishing flat fine finish suggests a ready-made for the settlement of living space. Чистовая отделка квартиры подразумевает наличие
Siding under a brick – application
Дом облицованный кирпичным сайдингомVideo
With the onset of summer begin construction and repair season, where some people fall into a stupor. They do not know, how to deal with the concrete and plaster, that
Interior of a wooden house – we do finish
интерьер деревянного дома фотоVideo
Construction of wooden houses are increasingly coming into fashion, especially popular house from profiled timber. Этот красивый внешне и экологически
The art of glass engraving
Искусство гравировки стеклаArt
The engraving technique originated in the center of medieval Europe on the territory of modern Czech Republic. Именно там первые ремесленники длительное время оттачивали
Wallpaper on drywall – instruction
Как клеить обои правильноVideo
Since plasterboard wall decoration has recently become more and more popular, worth understanding, как же после его установки можно отделать
Plasterboard walls
Стены из гипсокартонаVideo
Using drywall for the initial finish greatly simplifies maintenance, there is much less waste from working with this material, than from plaster
Do-it-yourself drywall arches
Делаем арку из гипсокартона своими руками Подробнее:
The original curving entrance structures look very impressive, it is worth seeing a photo of drywall arches on the pages of fashion designer magazines.
Types of home interior decoration
Turnkey interior decoration of a log house is carried out only after the walls are completely treated with an antiseptic, as well as laying all communications.