Do-it-yourself drywall arches

The original curving entrance structures look very impressive, it is worth seeing a photo of drywall arches on the pages of fashion designer magazines. But you can create such beauty yourself.. The arch can be ordinary or have complex curves.. Drywall – quite plastic material, therefore, you can embody almost any unusual idea with it. It can be not only simple constructions, but also various arches with patterns, decorative figures. You can apply them in different design styles., ranging from classical to modern modern.

What is needed to create an arch?

  • Any work begins with taking measurements and creating a drawing, so that the design is neat and reliable.
  • The wall will need to be additionally prepared, knock down irregularities along the perimeter of the profile, to facilitate the subsequent installation of the arch.
  • First you need to make a frame from a profile, it will create the shape and hold the sheets.
  • The frame is sheathed with sheets, joints are sealed with a primer and putty, after they dry, grout is done.

When the design is ready, there is a turn of finishing works – painting or pasting the arch with wallpaper. Stylish design will look original in the room, replacing the door.

Do-it-yourself drywall arch

Plasterboard arches are a simple and interesting way to decorate the spans between rooms.. Thanks to, that it does not take a lot of time and money to make them, this type of room design is to the taste of many connoisseurs of coziness and comfort. Besides, showing imagination, the arch can be arranged in this way, that she will become the subject of your pride and will be admired by those people, who visited your monastery.

Where to start creating it, what is needed for this and what is the sequence of actions?

 To, to bring the original idea to life, of course, do not do without sheets of drywall. Besides, need to stock up:

  • scissors for metal,
  • dowels,
  • drill,
  • screwdriver,
  • serpyanka,
  • rack metal profiles.

Not to do without spatulas, putties, corners for arch decoration. And the simplest, what one hundred percent more will be needed, this is a pencil, meter, level and screws. This is a short list of those items, which you simply cannot do without when creating interesting interior solutions on your own. Of course, upon completion of the work, paint will be applied to the finished arch or wallpaper will be glued.

so, what is the very first step? For, to build an arch, which has been dreamed of for a long time, you need to prepare the opening well, where it will be installed in the future. Besides, drywall arches, photos of which can be viewed on our website, can be of different types. Of course, before starting work, you will need to decide, which one you want to see in your apartment or house.

For the smooth creation of such beauty, you will have to dismantle the door frame. The opening itself will increase further.. The next step is to clean the surface of dust and debris., who could stick.

The standard arch will consist of two sides and a curved piece.. Therefore, it is quite logical, that all work will begin with calculations. The radius of the arch will be determined by measuring the opening itself, and transferring its dimensions to a drywall sheet. Further, using a knife, the dogu will be cut out of the material. The border of the second arc will be drawn along its contour..

The next step is to create a wireframe., on which the gypsum board will be attached. Work begins with fixing the guide from the metal profile along the opening at the top, then the side parts will be fixed. They will converge to that place, where the arch itself is rounded. To design it, you need to bend the profile like this, to make it look like an arc. You can use metal scissors for this.. The part will be fastened using dowels and self-tapping screws.. The first will serve as a mount for vertical guides, the second - for drywall.

Its useful to note, that to strengthen the frame, the space between the arcs will need to fix the profile segments, which are additionally prepared in advance. Further, the arcs will be attached to the frame..

 To, to make a terez arc, you can resort to plain water. It is necessary to wet the bottom strip of the surface, and then make punctures on it with a needle roller. Next, you need to place this element clearly in the shape of the arch and wait for the part to dry.. After that, part of the future arch in a wet state will be attached to the frame itself using self-tapping screws. For, so that this part is completely dry, have to wait half a day.

The arch will look "to the place", if a, eg, the whole kitchen will be made of plasterboard. Then the structure in the case of painting will be the same. If in the arch initially it is planned to make small bends, then you can do without the use of water. To do this, it will be enough to make cuts along the material.. The bottom line is, to make cuts along the gypsum board, give the necessary shape to the workpiece, attach the part to the frame with self-tapping screws, and later putty the joints and places with protrusions.

If your plasterboard living room is "replenished" with such an arch, then the new structure must also be cleaned with high quality. This issue will not do without very fine sandpaper. When all the minor flaws and irregularities fall along one line, you can start puttingty, which seams perfectly. The joints must be glued with a serpyanka. Corner profiles will also be fixed.. They will be attached to the putty, and they will also hide thanks to her. After the material has dried, all irregularities must be smoothed out again with sandpaper.. Next, a primer will be applied.. The last sanding will be carried out after applying the finish.

This is a way to mount the most simple arch. but, when looking for information on the network, you can stumble upon a large number of the most original approaches and solutions when creating such a design in your home. How to make a more complex creation yourself?

The plasterboard living room will be perfectly complemented by just such an unusual detail.. The first step is to determine the installation location and find the desired shape of the opening.. It is worth remembering, that it should not be so much original, but also do not interfere when passing by or near her. Alternatively, you can consider a decorative wall structure.. Such an example will make it clear, how you can implement non-standard solutions in your apartment or your house.

 To, to further please the eye with original openings, it is worth hitting the line on the wall, which in the future will become the outline of the arch. The metal profile will be attached along the same strip in the future.. The second will be fixed to the ceiling. A sheet of gypsum board will be screwed onto these two profiles. To do this, you need to resort to using self-tapping screws.. After that, using a pencil, you need to draw that figure, which in the future we want to see the contour of the line, which was drawn, on the wall.

Further along the contour of the line, which was drawn, gotta walk with a knife. Similar actions will be carried out with the second sheet., which will be located at the distance you specified from the first. The next step is to fasten the metal profile along the perimeter of the lines, where the drywall was cut. Mark every five centimeters with an incision. Thus, a "snake" will be created. They will be fixed along the perimeter of the gypsum board. It is worth remembering, that this is not the case, when you can and should save on self-tapping screws. If you do just that, then one hundred percent, the resulting design will be wobbly and unreliable.

Next, additional drywall strips will be cut. One side of them will be wetted with water and attached like an arch, wet-made (how it's done, described above).

At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to well attach the strips to the ends of the created structure.. Further, the steps are similar to creating a regular arch - sealing the seams, and alignment of the created structure.

The last steps are to choose wallpaper or paint, selection of color and design of the arch using any original elements. Do not forget, that in style and form, it should ideally fit not only into the style of two rooms, but also in the style of the whole house. Otherwise, a separately created picture may turn out, which contradicts the general appearance of the apartment.

Its useful to note, that drywall columns will also be an excellent option, which will fit the created arch, drywall columns can become. If the arch is large and voluminous, then it will look beautiful together with the column, made in the form of a wave.

Video instruction. How to make a drywall arch with your own hands


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