Designer apartment renovation from ODSK
Дизайнерский ремонт квартирыRepairs
It is difficult to name the differences between design repairs and ordinary ones only at first glance.. It is enough to take a closer look at the modern construction market
Apartment renovation: 7 reasons to trust professionals
Ремонт квартиры 7 причин для доверия профессионаламcompany
If you do not take care of the appearance of the apartment, she will quickly lose her presentable appearance, which usually has after a good renovation. Despite
How to lay a larch floorboard yourself: installation methods and their features
доска половаяVideo
Beautiful wooden floor looks gorgeous in the apartment, and in a private house. But so the floorboards do not creak, there were no gaps between the individual elements, necessary
Overhaul of the apartment from the company ASA Trian
Евроремонт в квартире – это европейский стандарт качестваcompany
Popular service is now considered a major repair of apartments. It implies not only the painting of old windows or changing wallpaper, eg, but also a replacement
Diamond cutting and drilling of concrete, strengthening of openings in metal structures
алмазное бурение отверстий в бетонеcompany
Due to diamond drilling concrete technology can be realized as flat holes. This technology is relevant in the case of concrete cutting and other materials.
How to align the wall curves and uneven floor in the room
Как выровнять кривые стены и неровный пол в помещенииVideo
Occasionally someone gets the walls and floors are so smooth, so you can immediately start their finishing. Therefore, it is worth pre-aligning them specially
Where to start repair of apartments?
Вы не знаете с чего начать ремонт квартиры?Repairs
obviously, that the repair - a difficult task, It takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, Many owners of apartments faced with unforeseen circumstances
Semi-dry floor screed. Advantages and features of the technology
Полусухая стяжка пола. ФотоVideo
The device is a semi-dry cement-sand screed allows you to prepare the room for finishing as soon as possible. This technology is used everywhere
Modern bathroom renovation
Современный ремонт санузлаBathroom
Every apartment has a bathroom (or even a few). I want to, so that it has an original design and significant functionality. Old finishes and plumbing
Repair of household appliances in Kiev from "TEND". Review and reviews
Ремонт бытовой техники в Киеве от «TEND». Обзор и отзывыAppliances
Tend is located in Kiev. She has been operating for many years. Specializes in the repair of washing machines and dishwashers, and