The device is a semi-dry cement-sand screed allows you to prepare the room for finishing as soon as possible. This technology is used everywhere:

  • in enterprises;
  • in shopping malls;
  • in apartment buildings;
  • cottages.

The method is popular among builders because of the simplicity of a mixture of semi-stacking, the possibility to take a cheap equipment for semi-dry screeds for rent, as well as high quality of the resulting surface.

Semi-dry floor screed. A photo

The advantages of semi-ties

The main advantage of the cement-sand screeds before the concrete is, it becomes ready for use within a few days after laying. If the concrete screed hardens the past month, the cement and sand - this week. This is because a minimum amount of moisture in the semi-dry mixture, with which the base floor is leveled.

Another important advantage of this technology is that, ties that dries the surface does not crack and does not undergo appreciable shrinkage. If you use this method of leveling the subfloor instead of laying concrete screed, the time savings of 3 of the week. after only 5 days after laying the cement-sand mixture can install floor covering.

The main components, of which it is semi-dry mixture - a cement, sand and further additives, for optimum hydration rate. For qualitative screed is added to a mixture fibrovolokno, and placed within the structure polypropylene or metal mesh.

Mechanized semi screed technology

If large volumes of work, it makes sense to use the special equipment. To feed mixtures used Pneumosupercharger, which delivers the mixed components under a high pressure. The mixture was fed through the hose length 200 m. to the place of laying the screed. In this case, it is possible to apply it to a height of 50 m. This method makes it possible to prevent the formation of dirt in the building and perform the work in a short time.

After feeding the mixture to the desired portion builders begin to equalize. For this purpose, a special rule or mechanized apparatus. Then, using the trowel operate polishing coating. With proper planning work in one shift Can laying tie up area 300 quarter. m.

If work is carried out in a small room, then the mixing can be rented conventional mixer. To distribute the mixture over the surface using shovels. It should be noted, that this type of work organization spent a lot of effort. Mixing sand, cement and modifiers until a homogeneous mixture - this is a very hard work. With regard to the seal and smoothing of the surface, even with a small amount of work necessary to use specialized equipment.

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