obviously, that the repair - a difficult task, It takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, Many owners of apartments faced with unforeseen circumstances, complicating and delaying the process. Proper organization of work helps to prevent a lot of unpleasant surprises. It is necessary to choose the right course of action and protect furniture and coatings from damage and contamination. If you plan to overhaul and redevelopment, you need to pre-determine the future location of the appliances and bathroom and pick up a decent repair company, it can be done on the page https://rating-remont.com/reviews/ – Rating Moscow companies finishing and repair 2019.

Where to start repair of apartments?

We begin to repair correctly

Repair of apartments starts with the following::

  • determine the order of work. When planning repairs, it is desirable to proceed from the condition of the premises and financial possibilities. If you decide to upgrade the entire apartment at once, and relocation of tenants is impossible, it is desirable to start with the most the back room and consistently move towards the bathroom and kitchen. It is necessary to define, Do you want to replan and replacement of utilities, whether all coverage will be replaced. This decision depends on the procedure for further action;
  • protection of furniture and coatings. First of all you must vacate the premises on the furniture. large objects, that can not endure, shifted to the center of the room and covered with a film. This makes it possible to process the wall without interference. If you do not plan to change the flooring, they also need protection. Laminate, board or parquet floor are covered with cardboard or hardboard, the top film is spread. Polyethylene desirable to fasten tape. Linoleum enough shelter film. Skirting boards are stuck masking tape;
  • protection of communications elements. It is necessary to remove the switches and sockets framework and de-energize the system. The core is also sealed with masking tape;
  • demolition work. These include removal of old structures and coatings. Modern doors can be reset several times. If you plan to use them in the future, it is desirable to carefully remove the cloth and remove the box, without breaking it. When troubleshooting coatings is better to move downward: first washed away with whitewashing the ceiling, then removed the wallpaper, then eliminated flooring. This procedure facilitates further cleaning of construction debris.

Take the time to make a plan – It is the first and most important step to a successful repair!

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