Occasionally someone gets the walls and floors are so smooth, so you can immediately start their finishing. So you should be leveled their specially designed for this purpose, related materials.

How to align the wall curves and uneven floor in the room

Alignment of surfaces in the room is necessary not only for a smooth surface to look aesthetically pleasing, but also to get rid of unnecessary hassle when laying tiles and baseboards, or installing kitchen furniture. In this case, various kinds of leveling solutions are useful.. Manufacturers offer finished products, designed to be applied on surfaces in layers of different thicknesses.

Leveling the floor

Today there are many materials for leveling a horizontal base. They can be used as a basis for such types of materials as tiles., linoleum, parquet floor, etc.. They allow you to perfectly level the surface, facilitating and speeding up subsequent work, while minimizing the consumption of adhesive solutions. You can buy a self-leveling floor and many other high-quality materials in the online store Luch-Stroy.

When choosing the appropriate screed, you should pay attention to its technical parameters – it is necessary to select this product depending on the type of cladding. Also need to check, what should be the thickness of the applied layer (it is determined by the manufacturer) and do not exceed it. How to level the floor with your own hands, see the video for this article.


How to prepare the base? A very important point is the preparation of the base for self-leveling masses.. Since their thickness usually does not exceed a few millimeters, they must be firmly connected to the existing ground. Therefore, they must be carefully prepared in advance.: they can not be contaminated and cement laitance, which impair the adhesion of the screed. The base should be primed, this removes dust residues from the surface, and also reduces its absorbency.

Aligning walls and ceilings

Various methods are used to level walls and ceilings.. Their selection depends primarily on the type of surface and effect., to be achieved.

Aligning walls on a small surface can be done by applying gypsum plaster. In large areas, strong irregularities can be corrected by laying plasterboard on an appropriate surface., which are usually fixed on a metal profile. This method does not require wet work., he is faster, than leveling walls with traditional plasters. Choose and buy drywall, as well as all the necessary materials for its installation can be found on the Luch-Stroy website. For instructions on how to level the walls using drywall, see the video for this article.

Where to buy building materials?

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