Siding under a brick – application

With the onset of summer begin construction and repair season, where some people fall into a stupor. They do not know, how to deal with the concrete and plaster, which dries crack if elevated temperatures. It is no different in the case of a building facing clinker bricks or tiles. manufacturers, To meet its customers, We created a new product, which is not inferior aesthetic qualities clinker brick or a tile, and thus can be set at different temperatures. In this article we will talk about siding with imitation brick.


What is siding?

Siding – is a modern, прочный и эстетичный строительный материал. Впервые применили его в пятидесятых годах в США, тогда же он быстро завоевал популярность. В России появился в начале нулевых годов. This material is non-toxic, incombustible, устойчивый к плохим погодным условиям и большинству химических веществ. Под влиянием погодных изменений температур (low temperatures in winter and high summer) не трескается и не крошится. Простой в уходе, maintenance free, It washed well with water containing detergent. It represents a panel, made of vinyl.

brick siding

material benefits

Легкость монтажа и the price of siding brick are the main reasons for its great popularity. Compared with ceramic tiles do not need to buy an expensive adhesive for laying, нужно купить лишь деревянные рейки или металлические профили для гипсокартона и создать с их помощью каркас. Its useful to note, that installation can handle even one person.

Another reason, for which he became popular, It is, that people are finding new uses for it. It was created with the idea of ​​the regeneration of facades and plinths of buildings. No one could not even think in the US, that siding with imitation brick can be used in the interior, We have not yet seen, as the citizens of Russia decorate their apartments and houses in the industrial style.

Brick siding in the interior

Where can I apply siding under a brick?

How and drywall – universal building siding material. It can be used not only for facing facades of houses, but also public buildings. Very popular during the arrangement or construction of cottages.

As it has been said before, Siding with imitation brick used for walls of premises. With this construction material, you can quickly build a house in the industrial style. Also, it is a perfect solution, when in the bedroom or children's room need to highlight the wall, located at the head of the bed. Another interesting application is facing high stone or concrete fences.

In the following video you can see, how the installation of siding on the house. Enjoy watching.

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