Interior of a wooden house – we do finish

Construction of wooden houses are increasingly coming into fashion, especially popular house from profiled timber. This beautiful appearance and environmentally friendly material without purpose is a leader in the construction market. Shaped beam is fully retains all the qualities of wood, from which he promoted, house, built of timber will look elegant and at the same time just, without bombast, the outside, and inside.

Finishing a wooden house

Finishing a wooden house in addition to its unique aesthetic beauty, must perform and protection functions from adverse natural phenomena,. Although it is not easy to do, but probably, tell the master of Your Home, behind which more than a dozen built wooden houses turnkey.

At first, not always necessary immediately after the construction of the house start to its finish, special, If the material was a one-piece timber or round logs. They need to stand, to shrink. The exception is the house of the shield structure or shaped timber, then finish you can immediately.

Be sure to caulk and treat with antiseptics, водоотталкивающими средствами и антипиренами классические бревенчатые строения или дома из оцилиндрованного бревна. Для щитовых зданий и домов из профилированного бруса внешней защиты проводить не требуется, t. to. materials, from which they are constructed, are necessary in the production process more. And the interior of buildings practically does not differ from the usual urban residences - they can sew up sheetrock and papered.

интерьер деревянного дома фотоInside traditional work is going according to plan zavedonnomu:

  • floor,
  • walls,
  • ceiling.

Usually, in this sequence is performed interior trim wooden, newly built house (do not forget, if the house is built of solid timber he needed to settle). The floors have a dual structure. On cross-lags, put more in the construction of walls, put a rough floor heating. Then do a flooring of boards, designed for sex, but put them face down, to dirty. When all the finishing work will be completed, they turned over and fixed.

Next, start a covering of walls. If preference is given to the preservation of the appearance of natural wood, the inside wall can be covered with clapboard and imitation timber. Then they can be painted with transparent paint. In another case, a house unit, gypsum boards and other materials with smooth surface.

When decorating the walls is necessary to leave small gaps between them, ceiling and floor. This is due to the fact, that the wooden house - a "living building", it "breathes", is able to expand and contract, and may eventually shrink. The resulting gap is closed skirting.

finishing the ceiling starts with aligning the rafters. How would the builders may try, they are still at least a little da sag. First set beacons, а затем набивают совершенно ровные и гладкие доски, constantly checking on gidrourovnya. Instructions on how to quickly make a ceiling in a wooden house with your own hands, you will find in the video below.

note! When interior design utilities (wiring, sewerage, water supply) hide wall panels made of PVC or plasterboard.

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