Fine finishing apartment: advantages and disadvantages

In contrast to the rough finishing flat fine finish suggests a ready-made for the settlement of living space.

Fine finishing apartment implies the final finishing work. In such housing already made a number of works: applied plaster and putty, screeds installed on the floors, painted ceilings (most often water-based paint) glued wallpaper, floor coverings (usually, this is linoleum).

The sanitary ware has tiles and the walls are painted. Plumbing installed (soviet), there is a gas stove and various electrical appliances available.

What type of housing is more profitable to buy? If you have a very limited amount of material resources, it is better to choose an apartment with a fine finish. In this case, additional costs will not be needed to bring it to a living condition.

Fine finishing apartment 2Fine finish is good for, that the construction company provides you with a finished apartment. In addition, a final repair from the developer's company will be much cheaper compared to independent work., since all the necessary materials are purchased in bulk, and also the pricing policy of this work is much more loyal. Thus, after purchasing a living space, newcomers can immediately move in and celebrate this event.

At the same time, all materials, which were used in the repair, are of poor quality. One may wonder, is it worth buying such a house, if renovation finishes, change of plumbing and communications is still inevitable.

[alert-announce]Indoor room improvement, in particular, which includes putty, plaster, floor screed, as well as door slopes, window openings, etc.. usually, all this is done by workers without proper qualifications. [/alert-announce]

As a result, we can conclude, that the low price of such a living space is due to poor-quality interior improvement.

On the other hand, you can observe, that many of our compatriots live in similar living quarters, limited to only cosmetic repairs. And many of them are quite happy.
Therefore, in conclusion, we can say, that repairs can always be done most importantly, so that there are walls above your head.

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