The art of glass engraving

The engraving technique originated in the center of medieval Europe on the territory of modern Czech Republic. It was there that the first artisans for a long time honed their skills and improved technologies.. Today, the largest glass museum with a diverse collection functions in the Czech Republic.. The glass engraving school gradually scaled up and reached Russia.

The art of glass engraving

The profession of a glass engraver is very rare, delicate and incredibly time consuming. Elena Lavrischeva and Vladimir Makovetsky - contemporary artists – geniuses creating engraved glass. In most cases they work with optical glass, which allows them to realize their ideas. Variety of works, constant experimentation and the highest quality characterize the work of Elena Lavrischeva and Vladimir Makovetsky. The best works of artists can be found on the page .

What is glass engraving??

Glass engraving - applying an image or text in a variety of ways on the surface of the glass or in its thickness. Used for artistic processing of glass products (utensils, engravings, sculptures, compositions).
Methods of exposure to glass:

  • mechanical;
  • chemical;
  • optic.

Mechanical method - classic method, which consists in the impact on glass with diamond tools (glass cutting, grinding and so on.). Sophisticated and painstaking processing method, requiring special skills from the artist.

Chemical method is that, to use reagents to destroy the silicon compound. After such manipulations, an insoluble salt layer forms on the surface of the glass product..

Optical method is to use a laser. Laser glass engraving - innovative processing method. Laser engraved glass on its surface can acquire a pattern of any complexity, and the complexity and production cost are minimized. The main advantage of the method is the creation of a picture in the volume of the material..

Procedure for creating engraved glass with a laser:

  • creation of a laser beam movement program;
  • installation of a workpiece;
  • laser burning of the required pattern.

The following modern glass processing methods have gained wide popularity.: ultrasound method, electron - ion method and electrode.

Glass engraving - art, which will definitely occupy its own niche and find its fans.

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