Types of home interior decoration

Turnkey interior decoration of a log house is carried out only after the walls are completely treated with an antiseptic, as well as laying all communications. When considering options for interior decoration of a private house, there are two factors to consider: external characteristics of the material and the purpose of the room, in which it will be operated.

  • Plaster. Allows you to create exactly that interior style inside the timber housing, which will be needed.
    • pros. Stylish and attractive appearance. Resistance to mechanical and temperature influences.
    • Minuses. Manual application, the need for thorough surface preparation, on which the material will be applied.
  • Drywall. Convenient versatile material, which allows you to create a design of any form of complexity.
    • pros. Ease of installation, low price, the ability to hide parts of communications.
    • Minuses. The need for additional decorative finishes. Low resistance to damage.
  • Wooden panels.
    • pros. Easily attached to the walls of a country house, even a beginner can handle their installation. Hide wiring and construction defects well. Increase warmth- and soundproofing properties of timber houses.
    • Minuses. High price.
  • Gypsum boards.
    • pros. Strength, fire safety, environmental friendliness, ease of installation.
    • Minuses. The need for additional horizontal joints.
  • Natural wallpaper: bamboo, ramie, cane.
    • pros. Environmentally friendly material, ease of gluing.
    • Minuses. Visible joints, high price.
  • Wallpaper for painting.
    • pros. Can be glued to uneven surfaces and repainted in other colors.
    • Minuses. Very easily damaged.
  • Artificial or natural stone. Stylish and modern wall decoration.
    • pros. Strength, aesthetic appearance.
    • Minuses. Due to the high specific gravity, the installation of walls from a log is complicated. High price.
  • Cork tree.
    • pros. Wood trim gives the country room additional sound- and thermal insulation. Masks the unevenness of the walls, moisture resistant. Allows you to experiment with design.
    • Minuses. Absent.
  • Painting the walls. The lightest kind of wooden house.
    • pros. Possibility to choose any shade, combine colors and create unique designs. Resistant to temperature extremes and high humidity.
    • Minuses. Toxicity, the need for thorough preparation of the base.


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