How to choose furniture for a small and narrow bedroom? Tips

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the apartment., Therefore, it is very important to properly plan the arrangement of this space.. The bedroom is our personal retreat, where we want to feel safe, tranquility and comfort, but at the same time we want, so that the interior design matches our sense of aesthetics. Choosing furniture for a small and narrow bedroom, There are a few things worth paying attention to.How to choose furniture for a small and narrow bedroom

Planning a small and narrow bedroom can seem a little challenging, but once you read our tips, we hope, that this task will become much easier for you. We believe, that the choice of furniture should be adapted to the available size of the room, its location and your personal style preferences, therefore, the best choice would be to order the production of a bedroom in furniture factory AAAmebel. But that's not all. We invite you to read our article, in which you will find tips on how to choose furniture for a small and narrow bedroom, so that your stay in it is functional and comfortable.

The best bed for a small and narrow bedroom

The bed is the highlight of any bedroom, with her heart. When viewing various offers, available on the market, you may feel dizzy. However, when choosing a bed for a small and narrow bedroom, you should pay attention to a few key points, which should clear things up a bit and make the search easier. There are several options, which you may want to consider. The most popular are soft beds with a narrow headboard and a minimalist frame., they look very good in the bedroom.

Depending on the available area of ​​the room, you should choose the following sizes:

  • double - 140x200 or 160x200;
  • classical - 90 cm.

The great advantage of upholstered beds is their timeless design and the feeling of elegance and coziness., which create a unique atmosphere. Besides, upholstered beds are usually equipped with a bed box, allowing you to increase storage space, what, especially in small apartments, very desirable and necessary.How to choose furniture for a small bedroom

Another option is beds on a metal or wooden frame., because they take up little space thanks to their small frame. These beds are ideal for a small and narrow bedroom, and you can easily create an interesting composition in an industrial or loft style.How to choose furniture for a small bedroom photo

An important issue when choosing a bed for a small and narrow bedroom is the correct arrangement of furniture. A good solution would be to place the sleeping bed in the center of the room.. This arrangement will make the bed play a major role in the design of the bedroom., but to ensure comfort of use, you should carefully measure the room, it's supposed to, that the distance from the walls should be 50 centimeters.

However, it often happens like this, especially when you are furnishing a small and narrow bedroom in an apartment building, that this room also serves as a dressing room or even a home office. You can combine these functions, It is enough to place the bed against one of the walls or by the window and purchase multifunctional furniture that will save space.multifunctional bedroom furniture

Storage space - chests of drawers and wardrobes for a small and narrow bedroom

When choosing furniture for a small and narrow bedroom, storage space for necessary things also plays an important role.:

  • blankets;
  • clothes;
  • bed linen;
  • books and documents;
  • personal items…

All this can have its place in the bedroom. It happens very often, that due to the size of the apartment, the bedroom also serves as a wardrobe, that is why the closet is its integral element + commode.

In the case of a small and narrow bedroom, choosing a ready-made bedroom set may not be a good decision., therefore it is much better to fit individual pieces of furniture separately. In this case, we recommend drawing a room plan, after all, illustrating the arrangement of individual pieces of furniture will allow you to determine the most advantageous configuration. For a small and narrow bedroom, we recommend chests of drawers as the main storage space. A chest of drawers for a bedroom should be low and as simple in shape as possible, thanks to which you will avoid the effect of clutter.chests of drawers and wardrobes for a narrow bedroom

Bright furniture would be a very good choice., especially glossy chests of drawers, which will visually enlarge the interior. Another option is chests of drawers with legs., which thanks to space, created between the floor and furniture, create the impression, that the whole composition has become much lighter and more delicate. Choosing a chest of drawers for a small and narrow bedroom, it is worth placing it on a narrower wall, which will create the illusion of equalizing the proportions of the room.

If you think, that a chest of drawers won't be enough, you should think about a bedroom closet. Choosing a bedroom closet can be a little more demanding, but it's not impossible. First of all, We recommend paying attention to two types of bedroom wardrobes:

  1. Corner cabinets
  2. Wardrobes

Both offer maximum storage space in minimum dimensions. When arranging a small and narrow bedroom, the most common choice is wardrobes with sliding doors., because the comfort of their use is much greater.

Besides, In the case of wardrobes with sliding doors, you can easily use an interesting arrangement technique - a large mirror. This is one of the favorite techniques of interior designers., engaged in the arrangement of small spaces. The mirror optically increases the space, and also makes the interior brighter due to the play of light.

However, if you do not have the opportunity to place a closet in the bedroom, and you want additional storage space, pay attention to narrow shelves, t. it is. on the so-called racks. Many models of narrow shelves are closed, which means, that the shelves are hidden behind doors and drawers, which allows you to store things in them without any problems.

Council! Choosing furniture for a narrow bedroom, worth keeping an eye on, so that they are designed in the same style, because eclectic combinations will bring a feeling of clutter and clutter to a small area.

Interesting techniques for optically enlarging a narrow and small bedroom

If you want to enlarge a narrow and small bedroom, We recommend several techniques, which are very often used by interior designers. worth knowing, that the correct selection of decorative accessories also has a huge impact on the arrangement of such a bedroom.

Remember! Bedroom interior, regardless of its size, must match your aesthetic preferences.

  • When choosing furniture for a small and narrow bedroom, you should adhere to the bare minimum, so as not to clutter the space unnecessarily. Using every possible gap to accommodate additional cabinetry is not necessarily the best solution., since the room will seem much smaller, what she really is.
  • Lighting plays an important role - bright interiors automatically seem much larger, so you should pay attention to an interesting bedside lamp or additional lighting above the bed. This is especially important, when there is little natural light in the bedroom.
  • Second accessory, optically enlarging the interior, are mirrors. A mirror on the wall above the chest of drawers will not only make the room visually larger, but also perfect as a decoration. In the case of small interiors, mirrors very often replace paintings on the walls and are very suitable for this role.
  • A small and narrow bedroom does not necessarily have to be associated with strict, bright interior. Interior designers are increasingly deciding to decorate it with living plants., which bring an element of comfort and homely atmosphere to the room. An interesting green accent or a small floral arrangement will enliven the interior and make it attractive.

Planning a small and narrow bedroom can seem a little challenging, but we hope, that this task will become much easier thanks to our advice.

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