What should be the home of your dreams? All dream of owning your own home, make plans and gradually form an image of a cute nest, where everyone will be warm and cozy. The house is built for a long time, At first it is formed in our minds, then it is reflected in the figures, and only then grows into a reality in all its glory, taking on the features of our dreams. To house it was actually the focus of family happiness, it must carefully plan, that is to create a quality project, which will take into account all, and every inch will get its purpose.

projects of houses with attic

Order the house project

Architectural design studio "ante", creating projects of cottages and houses, certainly strive to, that they were:

  • clear and simple;
  • detailed;
  • flexible to make changes;
  • maximally effective etc.

The company develops various projects of country houses and cottages for every taste and preference. Projects "ante" attracted a lot of attention for future homeowners, Since the direction to achieve maximum comfort and relaxation and at the same time take into account the tastes, fashion trends, terrain, where the structure is located. For those, who prefer to take advantage of proven options, the studio are available ready-made projects homes and cottages of very different-rise buildings and materials from which they are composed.

The company over the years of its activity has turned a lot of experience and the ability to create original designs of the highest quality. Its success lies in the coordination of the work team, where skilled architects and designers work.

Why the "ante"?

The project of a country house from the studio "ante" – a complete set of drawings for the construction of the foundation, wall, floors and roofs, are understood by even a person without special construction education. Они созданы для комфортной жизни, clean and environmentally friendly building.

The project is a dream home can bring to life, both professional builders, and people do not have special skills. The drawings are created for easy reading and easy to understand. You can build your own house, do not pay for individual design, to avoid errors and omissions, to know the precise amount of material. For builders it is a way to make extra money and, It is very important, to know the precise amount of material.


  • Picking up the project from the "ante" you can easily build your own house, but if you do not have time or inclination to do this work, you can easily monitor the progress of construction.
  • Home construction – it is not only the walls, but also functionality, forethought, optimal location. Developing projects studio experts based on the experience of European and Russian architects.
  • all ready Projects of single-storey houses (as well as other buildings that are in the company's catalog) created by professional architects and designers, but if you want to add to or modify the original version, it is always available.
  • Despite, projects that are close to perfection studio, you never know, any questions or difficulties appear during the construction period. That is why the employees of "ante" is always ready to help solve your issue.

Find out more about you online antei.by.


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