Bison ATV 125 Hunter LD: the perfect choice for fans of outdoor activities

ATVs are a popular means of transportation in nature for outdoor enthusiasts.. They have unique features and offer unforgettable off-road adventures.. One of the most reliable and productive models on the market is the Bison ATV. 125 Hunter LD. bison quad bike 125 Hunter LD.

The main characteristics of the Bison ATV 125 Hunter LD

  • Engine: 125 cubic. cm, single cylinder, four stroke engine.
  • Power: approximately 8-10 hp. (depending on modification and regional restrictions).
  • Transmission: semi-automatic, multidisk, with manual speed change.
  • Launch system: electric starter and manual starter (kickstarter).
  • type of drive: rear drive.
  • Rama: Sturdy steel frame for increased strength and stability.
  • Suspension: Independent front and rear suspension for smooth ride over bumps.
  • Brake system: disc brakes front and rear for efficient braking.
  • dimensions: total length approx. 1700 mm, width about 950 mm, height about 1050 mm.
  • Weight: approximately 150-180 kg (depending on modification).
  • fuel tank: capacity approx. 7-10 liters.
  • Tires: tires with a good load-carrying index and aggressive tread for confident off-road driving.
  • Max Speed: usually up to 60-70 km/h (depends on various factors, such as load, terrain type, etc.. d.).

note, that specific specifications may vary slightly depending on the year of manufacture, modifications and regional requirements. It is recommended that you contact official sources or dealers for accurate information about the characteristics of a particular Bison ATV model. 125 Hunter LD.

Bison 125 Hunter LD – it is a powerful and durable quad bike, designed to work in the most extreme conditions. It is equipped with a powerful 125cc engine, able to provide enough power to overcome any obstacles in its path. Thanks to its compact design and good maneuverability, bison quad bike handles narrow paths and dense forests with ease.

One of the features of the Bison is its reliable suspension system.. It provides excellent stability and cushioning, allowing the driver to comfortably overcome bumps and pits on the road. Large flotation capacity and high ground clearance allow the ATV to handle gravel without any problems., stones and other obstacles.

Bison 125 Hunter LD also has a strong and durable frame, which provides reliable protection and stability on any terrain. The quad bike is equipped with high-quality disc brakes., which provide reliable braking even at high speeds. Besides, the model has a large trunk and the possibility of installing additional equipment, like headlights, winches and protective visors.

Safety is a priority for Bison ATVs 125 Hunter LD. It is equipped with headlights with good visibility, direction indicators and rear brake light, to ensure the visibility of the driver on the road. Besides, it has a reliable starting system and a safety switch, which ensures safety during operation. Built-in speed limiters also help control your speed, especially when training new riders or using the ATV in restricted areas.

The comfort of the driver and passengers is also taken into account. The ATV is equipped with a comfortable seat and handlebars with an ergonomic design., which allows the driver to feel comfortable even after long trips. Besides, the model can be equipped with a rear passenger seat, providing the ability to carry a passenger or additional cargo.

Bison 125 The Hunter LD is also attractive with its aesthetic design.. It has a sporty and dynamic appearance, combined with strength and functionality. Various color options let you choose your ATV, that suits your style and preferences.

In conclusion, bison quad bike 125 Hunter LD – it is a reliable and powerful vehicle, which is ideal for lovers of outdoor activities. With it, you can explore inaccessible places, enjoy nature and experience adrenaline adventures. Security, comfort and high performance make this ATV a great choice for everyone, who appreciates freedom and impressions, which outdoor activities can offer

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