The closer the summer, the more people start to study information about seaside resorts on the Internet. It is understandable, because this year most of the tourists will change their habits. Instead of Crimea, where there is a constant increase in prices, they will go to other resorts. The choice of the village of Lazarevskoye looks quite logical in such a situation. – one of the most popular resorts on the Black Sea coast. There are very low prices for guest houses in Lazarevskoye 2021 year and a good level of service.Vacation at the sea in Lazarevskoye

In appearance, this is a very small settlement. But you will be surprised, when will you find out, that in the summer there are tens of thousands of tourists at the same time! People come from Russia and Belarus, you can even meet Poles and Germans on the beach. What attracts them to this modest village, about which almost no one knew anything ten years ago?

Virgin nature of the village Lazarevskoe

First of all, I should say a few words about natural conditions. The village is located in foothill zone of the southern slope Main Caucasian ridge. There are very few settlements here, practically no production, in many places nature has retained its original appearance. The mountains, rivers and numerous springs, who carry their waters to the Black Sea, fascinate not only city dwellers. It is worth taking a half-hour walk along the beach, and you find yourself in completely wild places, where there is no trace of human presence.

But also on the beach itself, located just a stone's throw from the hotel, you will not come across debris or dirt. Staff, which started its work while you were sleeping, already managed to clean up after a stormy night, so that the "early birds" among vacationers can return to the clean sand in the morning. What can we say about the water in the sea, its quality is evidenced by the huge amount of fish, which sometimes you can even catch with your hands.

Hotels in Lazarevskoye for every taste

Other, no less remarkable feature of the village, are its hotels and boarding houses. Their owners have long realized, what is better to choose one specialization, than trying to please everyone and everyone. If you come with small children, then you can choose a specialized hotel, each room has children's beds, professional educators work, there is not only a playground and a room, but also a fresh water pool. Here the chefs will prepare semolina porridge for breakfast., how are you at home, and in the evening the child will be entertained by a professional animator. You can always find information about rest in Lazarevskoye on the https portal://, except for rates and descriptions of hotels, the site contains 3D panoramic images, virtual platform and other useful information.

There is another category of hotels for young people in the village, in which nightclubs work right on the territory, guests are not charged an entrance fee, and the DJs came from the capital. In many hotels, less attention is paid to the comfort of stay, the room has only a TV and air conditioning, but even a student can afford to spend a week or two in an atmosphere of constant drive and irrepressible fun. There are also boarding houses for the older generation. Rooms have a shaded veranda or terrace, with comfortable benches, and the silence is broken only by the singing of small fountains. Well, that's all, what you need for a good rest, available in the village of Lazarevskoye.

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