Refrigerator has long become an essential attribute of our cuisine. The main purpose of the refrigerator - to produce favorable conditions for storage of products in the isolated from the environment volume.

How to take care of the refrigerator to serve as long as possible?

certainly today, in the era of computers and the creation of a cold rovers could no longer remain at the primitive level, which existed in the XIX century. A lot of development in recent years has made it possible to bring this process to perfection and to diversify its. The latest generation of refrigerators have forced ventilation system:

  • A.I.R. by Merloni,
  • Super X-Flow от Samsung,
  • Turbo Cold в Candy,
  • DAC in refrigerators Zanussi.

Typically, the air temperature in the cooling chamber ranges from 4 to 10 degrees above zero, and models the desired temperature can be set to an electronic system with an accuracy of one degree, and temperature sensors will track, so that it rested on a chosen value.

Freezers are designed to maintain cold in accordance with their labeling (number of snowflakes), present on the door.

  • (*) - temperature -6 degrees, It provides easy storage of the products for a week.
  • (**) - provides temperature -12 degrees, in which you can store frozen food for a month.
  • (***) - gives the 18-degree frost, This guarantees the safety of products for 3 months.
  • (****) - from -18 to -32 degrees, at this temperature the product can be stored for six months or even a year.

How to choose a refrigerator?

By and large,, the emergence of technological innovations did not change the basic problem of the refrigerator - to cool foods and freeze them. Of course, you should choose based on their preferences:

  • by price,
  • opportunities,
  • the external appearance of the unit.

In today's market there are many models of various manufacturers, hope, that our site will help you to understand this diversity and make the right choice.

It is important not make the wrong choice! After refrigerator, usually, bought a very long time. modern refrigerators – This high-tech units, has many features:

  • automatic defrost;
  • mode superzamorazhivaniya;
  • Profiles supyerokhlajdyeniya;
  • Signal unclosed door and the temperature rises to a critical;
  • function BioFresh, preserving the freshness of vegetables and fruits;
  • Fresh Crisp function, Provides long-lasting freshness;
  • Function BioClinic ventilation and sanitation, and more…
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