Many faced the need to buy a blender. And if there are no problems with the choice of blender power, then with the set of necessary functions and elements, problems may arise. This article lists the most common features of blenders and elements, having familiarized yourself with which you can decide for yourself what you need, and what you shouldn't overpay for.


Here are the most common blender functions, as well as elements that you should familiarize yourself with before buy a blender:

  • blender charge indicator - in a portable blender, indicates when the battery needs to be charged;
  • charging cradle - designed for portable blenders;
  • Off-Center Gravity Blender Jar - Blade, outside the center of gravity causes vibrations, which facilitate the process of crushing food;
  • ice crushing function;
  • backlit blender control panel - typical for portable devices; portable blender
  • protection against accidental start-up - if the lid is removed, the blender will not turn on;
  • blender and accessory stand - for easy storage;
  • bowl with a tap - you can serve food, without removing the cover;
  • belt - located at the top of the case, allows you to hang your device on the wall;
  • comfortable handle - often has rubber elements, which make it easier to hold the device;
  • non-slip stand - holds the device in place during operation;
  • cable retractor - thanks to it the cable can be stored in the blender body;
  • LCD Display - Can, eg, show the selected speed level, need to charge the battery or start blocking.


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