Types of internal door blocks
Виды внутренних дверных блоковdoors
Interior doors play an important role in the interior design and functionality of your home or office.. They provide separation of spaces, сохранение тепла
Interior veneered doors – advantages
Межкомнатные шпонированные двери - преимуществаdoors
Veneered doors are in great demand., like the population, and for contracting construction organizations due to the fact, что по своему внешнему виду
We buy interior doors - what to look for?
Серия Фрейм двериdoors
Choosing a door to a house or apartment – not an easy task. This decision should be carefully considered.. After all, interior doors should not only be practical
Aluminum doors
Алюминиевые двериdoors
Everybody knows, that aluminum is a very strong alloy. Therefore, aluminum doors have a high margin of safety.. They will last a very long time. Besides, эти двери
Fittings for glass doors and partitions
Фурнитура для стеклянных дверей и перегородокdoors
Glass doors and partitions not only bring novelty to interior design, but also fill the room with light, as well as visually and actually increase the space.
Buy doors at the best prices in Domtexnik
Пластиковые входные двериdoors
Вы купили квартиру и вам нужны новые входные двери? Или может вы давно мечтаете обновить ваши межкомнатные двери? Хотите купить двери в Киеве по самым
How to eliminate the creaking doors and what better lubrication for these purposes
смазка для двериdoors
If a door creaks in the house, apartment, room - it speaks about the physical wear accessories. Over time, the functional quality of the door structure are reduced
What you need to know about metal doors
Как выбрать входную дверь в квартируdoors
The modern market is huge entrance doors, but in great demand metal doors. This is not surprising, ведь качественная металлическая входная
Plastic entrance doors: especially manufacturing and installation
Пластиковые входные двериdoors
It's not a secret to anybody, the front door - a basic element of any room, the subject, which we often pay attention. Именно поэтому к
Why hotels beneficial to install electronic locks?
замки электрическиеsafe house
At first glance it may seem, that the electronic locks – it is unnecessary "bells and whistles", without which it is possible to do. In reality, however, it is not so simple.