If a door creaks in the house, apartment, room - it speaks about the physical wear accessories. Over time, the functional quality of the door structure are reduced, It lost its consumer value.
Grease doors

What they make the door creak

The systematic operation of the door leaf and fasteners impairs the friction conditions between the surfaces. In the absence of timely service appears creaking.

Main reasons, Why creaking door:

  • dry lubricating fluid;
  • enhanced friction resulting from reduction of durability;
  • resizing, shaped doors;
  • deviation of the web from the initial position;
  • loosening fasteners (screws, screws);
  • calculation error when manufacturing the structure;
  • incompetent installation.

Professional and improvised lubricants

The best lubricant for hinges - aerosol formulation Agrinol ANY PRO, it can be purchased in-store Top Dealer page https://top-dealer.com.ua/catalog/smazki/ . The composition includes a solvent (White-Spirit) and mineral oil. Aerosol provides protection against mechanical wear, prevents ingress of moisture. A means is applied to any type of metal fasteners.

If scrapie door hinges, You can use the engine oil and lithologic (condensed petroleum oils):

  • car, domestic sewing machine oil;
  • grease plastic viscous grease;
  • Tsiatim 221-heat-resistant plastic substance based on silicone oil.

Lithol in combination with soap to form a stable gel viscosity. The emulsion adheres well to metals, resists corrosion formation.

What to do and how to grease the door, if there is no industrial means? In this case, use household chemicals, food products - soap, paraffin, wax, any vegetable oil.

What grease to lubricate hinges, if scrapie doors homes? Fixing process only universal lubricants factory. Such means resist the damaging action of water, frost, inhibit corrosion formation, rust.

Oil is applied to the fastener using rags, dipped in the lubricant. To remedy penetrated inside the loop, it is dropped into the gap between the cylinders of medical syringe with a needle. You can also use the eyedropper.

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