There are many ways to decorate the exterior of a door.. Dermantine upholstery – obsolete decoration . However, compared to installing an MDF panel, this method is budgetary. One of the methods of door upholstery is the creation of a pattern of diamonds with constrictions. At the same time, strips of leather are stretched between the nails, and the nails are clogged in the canvas of the wooden door.

Door upholstery with rhombuses

There is no exact definition of this method of upholstery. Used term “carriage upholstery” or “carriage tight”. Along with this term, the definition of a blown or super blown door is used.. In this case, these are similar technologies.. A common element is nailing in rows in the door leaf with such a sequence of nails., which allows you to create a pattern of rhombuses or squares. In this case, nails are located at the tops of rhombuses, and the banners on the sides.

On the site door trimmer options are presented. Fans of the retro style consider this upholstery beautiful and even ask for a range of carriage upholstery work, in relation to the door, made by modern technologies. Many customers of such works believe, that a pattern of nails can be created on any door, but in reality there are certain limitations. It is impossible to hammer nails into a metal door. Since the nail in the metal does not clog in principle.

To create a carriage upholstery, the door is prepared at the production stage. Wooden bars are glued into the interior of the door, into which nails are driven through holes, drilled in a metal sheet from the inside or outside of the door. The absence of wooden bars inside the door will not allow to hammer nails into the canvas to create a decorative pattern.

Preparatory work, perhaps, carry on the finished door, but already in conjunction with a complete disassembly and dismantling. Absolutely obvious, that such a volume of work is many times more expensive. Actually high quality puffy door trim, makes price parity with MDF trim. The nails used for upholstery may have metal caps or colored – leather. The manufacture of nails with a leather-covered hat is done manually. Upholstered hats with leather to create a more decorative look. A source:



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