Shtroborez – a very rarely used instrument by amateurs – due to the relatively high cost and very narrow application. This type of device is primarily bought for work by professional construction and repair teams.. but, sometimes a wall chaser is useful at home too…

Recommended chasing cutter models. Top 3

  1. Stroborez Interskol PD 230.Shredder Interskol PD-230 / 2600E (364.1.0.00)
  2. Shtroborez Einhell TH-MA 1300 (4350730)Shtroborez Einhell TH-MA 1300 (4350730)
  3. Wall cutter-furrower Fiolent B1-30Wall cutter-furrower B1-30

On practice, of course, it is impossible to specify the ideal groove cutter: it all depends on the intended use, individual preferences and planned tool life.

What is a wall chaser and how does it work?

Shtroborez – this is a power tool, the design of which resembles a saw and a little grinding machine. Used for cutting strobes (channels) for laying cables or pipes. Thanks to him, you can quickly make an even strobe in almost any material., including concrete, although, of course, this requires good discs and a powerful wall chaser. The machine only creates two cuts, so you still need to do some manual work to complete the job, remove material between slots.

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