Apartment renovation gives all tenants a lot of trouble. The hardest part of the job - bathroom repairs, complicated by, if the latter is small. The fact, that in a confined space is necessary to accommodate all the necessary communications and sanitary equipment. Value has each centimeter, therefore better, If the repair work will be engaged professionals.

How to increase the space

first, that comes to mind - to increase the bath area, connecting to the toilet or a part of the corridor. This will significantly expand the space. but, This method is very time-consuming, It requires considerable financial costs and lengthy approvals. Besides, if the wall, which is expected to bear, carrier, of this scheme it is unlikely that it will.

Therefore, to visually expand the space often have to use different design techniques - a competent balance of interior parts, correct finish. Desirably before, proceeding to repair, acquainted with many photo bathroom renovation in the Internet.

Bath or shower?

If you replace the bath shower, in the room a lot of space available. But, Before taking such a decision, should consult with all members of the family. If they find it difficult to say, the last time I took a bath, you can safely get rid of this subject. Taking a shower in a special cabin is much more convenient.

Besides, glass door shower stall visually expand the space. Instead of the traditional plumbing better to use suspension, more compact. If even a sink in the room close, you can do without it. But I have to wash over the bath, which is less convenient.

finishing Meaning

It is known, that the main mirror helpers are in the visual space is increased. In the bathroom, they simultaneously perform two functions - the practical and aesthetic. Good result brings using an angled mirror.

The ceiling is better to make light, increasing the height of the room. A great option - suspended ceiling with recessed light fixtures, creating a diffuse light. Price of repair bathroom from it will increase slightly. It is advisable to divide the room into zones, benefiting from the tiles of contrasting colors. For instance, you can visually separate space near the sink.


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