Rooftop installations - the most pretentious type of outdoor advertising, unequivocally testifying to the high status of the company and solid approach to business. They have a special effect on the viewer, due to the dominance in the architectural ensemble. roof installation, if done correctly, visible from several kilometers. clear, that they are distinguished by their capital and high cost.

Advertising roof installations, usually, carry basic information about the company (the logo, title, etc.). They are used to post long-term information and are sometimes used for large advertising campaigns for specific products.. Rooftop advertising is not the cheapest option for marketing campaigns, Yes and maintenance of roof installations difficult process, however the effect produced is worth it. In addition, the design can provide for a replaceable advertising field., which expands the scope of its application.

In fact, roof installation - construction for outdoor advertising, large (to 5 m. in height) and installed on the roof of buildings in order to provide a large radius of perception. Manufacturing of rooftop installations is a complex process, requiring serious engineering design and high professionalism in execution. The installation project must be developed in strict accordance with SNiPs and local town planning acts.. The selected roof requires a separate study - sometimes additional work is required (for waterproofing, eg).

Rooftop installation price in Moscow

The cost of a rooftop installation depends on a number of factors:

  • Type (installation with neon letters, installation with field, etc.);
  • Sizes;
  • Materials used;
  • Difficulties in preparing and approving a project;
  • Difficulties in the implementation of structural solutions;
  • Complexity of installation work.

Average production price of rooftop units in Moscow:


You can order such advertising at A1 Group. It is also possible to rent rooftop installations, which will allow you to get the same effect, but seriously saving. In this case, the structure is transferred for temporary use for your advertising material. (which the company will also be happy to produce).

Remember! Rooftop installation requires special knowledge of building codes and general professionalism, since this process affects the entire building. Trust the specialists of A1 Group for installation and coordination of outdoor advertising signs. Order high-quality and effective advertising by t: +7 (495) 649-35-99

Turnkey roof installations

With a huge density of various outdoor advertising, rooftop installations in Moscow - a way to really loudly declare yourself. A1 Group will help you with this.

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