Translation technical concept is very extensively. This term refers to any written, not literary translation. This category includes various translation:

  • instructions,
  • technical documentation,
  • descriptions of manufacturing processes,
  • dust,
  • user guides,
  • commercial offers,
  • drawings and diagrams.

A special case of technical translation can be regarded as the translation of medical literature, recipes, medical records.

Technical translation. Reliably and efficiently

especially those. translation

From the point of view of the complexity of, Technical translation of literary complicated. If work on the artistic text requires translation only excellent knowledge of the language and of good literary style, the specialist, working on technical texts, It must be well versed in the subject of translation. That's why, all translators, working in this niche, have two higher education. The first - the linguistic, and the second - maintenance.

Technical translation has some outstanding features. The text should be completely devoid of emotional coloring and value judgments - just dry facts. All contained herein, the terms must be unambiguous interpretation. Synonyms for one and the same concept is unacceptable, even if as a result of frequent repetition of the same words, text loses its beauty. When translating technical texts for large companies, often resort to such services, the translator should be familiar with earlier translations in its work to adhere to already accepted terminology.

It is also important to observe the syntactic structure of the text. visually, translation should not be different from the original text. Such unity structure greatly simplifies the perception of information.

note! If a translator having trouble understanding the text or the interpretation of a term, to work to involve experts in the field, which gives the corresponding explanations.

Where better to order a technical translation?

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