Concrete - a very common type of building material, which is used in many areas. It looks like some kind of binder mixture, It consists of different particle size of filler and water. After hardening, this mixture forms a solid stone, resistant to many external factors.

What is concrete and what is it for

Areas of use

As is known, concrete is used in many areas of construction and repair, but the main and more spread his task - a strong foundation. In the modern world it has not yet found the best material for the foundations of buildings, which could completely replace concrete. Since he has great power of endurance, concrete foundation can withstand the tremendous stress and pressure of modern urban high-rises.

Also, concrete is used as a mixture of builders, brace construction materials (bricks, blocks, etc.).

Concrete multipurpose dovolyno. Everyone, picks repairs in the apartment, the construction of the garage or just wondered update garden, not without concrete mixtures. Poured concrete floors, for the purpose of aligning and strengthening, fill in the blind area buildings and garden paths.

Concrete is convenient, that is able to not lose their properties during the spreading.

A concrete mixture

The concrete mixture is very simple in its structure. It consists of sand and cement, and may also include gravel and crushed stone. The required consistency is obtained by adding water and thoroughly mixing.

advantages of concrete

The main advantage of concrete - is the moisture resistance. Concrete and do not zagnivaet plesneveet. It can withstand long service life (about 55 years old), unpredictable weather conditions and enough low temperatures. Its useful to note, that the concrete often has no fire risk.

The scope of application of concrete and mortar in construction in St. Petersburg

Even the biggest construction sites are not without concrete. Runways for airplanes, highway, dams and bridges - it's not all examples.

Waterproofing concrete

This procedure is necessary in order, to wall concrete structures from constant exposure to moisture. For this part of the added special substances, prevent corrosion, as well as the use dedusting and degreasing impregnation with polyurethane and polyester.

Types of concrete mixtures

According to the purpose concrete differs from the special and ordinary. Special concrete can be composed of chemicals, increase heat resistance, soundproofing, etc.. Normal concrete is used to build houses and other structures. Also, the concrete vary depending on the binder, included in its composition, eg, gypsum or silicate. Besides, dense concrete can be, porous or special, and vary its structure - krupnozernovoy and cellular. By volume, the concrete mass and the content of binders, concrete is divided into marketable, fat and skinny.

Additives against low temperatures

To improve resistance to strong frosts lately in construction steel is often used so-called cold concrete. It can harden even without heating under conditions of extreme cold. Normal concrete did not have such a property, because water in its structure quickly froze and did not have time to interact with cement. A concrete effect of cold obtained by adding antifreeze to the water of chemical additives, such as calcium chloride salts, Special sodium chloride and others. These agents allow water to freeze even at a temperature, below zero.

To get the most good performance when used with concrete in construction and repair, you need to follow the correct preparation of mixtures, control its stacking and solidification.

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