Soft roof or metal tileBuilding your own home, every person thinks, What is the best roofing for your home?. Today, consumers have the opportunity to order turnkey roof in kazan from various materials. What does a modern manufacturer offer to the buyer?

Roofing materials

  • Slate. This roofing material is one of the most commonly used. The use of raw materials has many advantages: low cost slate, ease of installation, low roof heating, resistance to temperature fluctuations, high thermal insulation and sound absorption. The disadvantages include the following factors: decrease in water resistance over time, fragile edges.
  • steel sheets ( professional flooring ). Such a building material has been competing with slate for a long time. Steel coating is also inexpensive, but with its help even roofs of complex construction can be covered. Besides, steel is used for the manufacture of related elements: gutters, downpipes, canopies, etc. Speaking of disadvantages, It should be noted the unpresentable appearance of the roof and the increased noise level. Therefore, it is more often used for the roof of utility rooms. (garages, сараев).
  • Metal tile. This type of coating is also made from steel, but has a more modern look. To make the metal tile last longer, protective layers of zinc and mixtures against corrosion are applied to it. Besides, the presence of a large selection of colors of metal tiles makes this material competitive. The cost of such a roof depends on the polymer coating applied to it..
  • ceramic tile. This type of roofing material has been familiar to people since ancient times. It is made from clay or a mixture of sand and cement. This tile is cheap., but it does its job well.


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