Creative Playground, which is framed decorative concrete, is a favorite holiday destination on your country site. To set priorities for design registration site, You need to buy a printed concrete for the design of small areas. Besides, Low price for a printed concrete pad will allow interested parties to issue an additional adjacent area around your building. for example, you have a cafe, and you want to create a unique design Lounges, then you definitely need to buy a printed concrete for site, which fits perfectly into the architectural ensemble of your institution.

Printed concrete for site

High quality - excellent design

Profitable and reasonable price for 1m2 of concrete printing will allow you to put into practice the idea of ​​the interesting design registration location nearby, where there is room for playgrounds, intended for recreation. You can order an extract from the USRN to mark the boundaries of your site and carry out the reconstruction of the territory. The rich color palette of printed concrete allow any of you to put into practice interesting landscaping ideas, as well as unique solutions for the architectural style of your establishment.

The positive side of the circuit for the concrete pad:

  • Large color palette for design registration of the adjacent territory.
  • Low cost printing of concrete compared to similar materials made of natural stone.
  • Cost-effective way to prepare the ground printed concrete installation on site.
  • Durability decorative blocks high enough, material capable of withstanding high load.
  • Decorative printed concrete blocks stand up 300 in temperature cycles from -50C to + 50C.
  • Lac sealant has 100% protection against UV rays.
  • High decorative properties, Not being influenced by outside.

Working time printing operation for concrete pad

Despite its high design specifications, printed concrete technology has a number of features, who should know the master or owner of a country house:

  • Use the platform for operation after a certain period, specified by the manufacturer of printed concrete after the installation work, thus you will improve the original characteristics of the printed concrete grounds for.
  • It is not recommended to use in the winter, the reagents for the purification, otherwise you will have to refine or change the finishing decorative blocks for site.
  • It is forbidden to use for cleaning the surface of the heavy metal products, as they cause damage to the surface layer of the printed concrete for your site.

To improve the initial design and performance grounds, recommended to periodically refine the finish varnishing by secondary surface.

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