pipe electric used for piping installation in building and industry, as well as in furniture, interior design, landscape architecture. for example, the installation of children's playgrounds. The advantages of such pipes are: low cost, QC possibility to weld steel, the possibility of manufacturing large-diameter.

Suture and seamless pipe

The use of seamless tubes and seam

as seamless, and electrically pipe demand. Sometimes, however, the use of expensive seamless unprofitable, eg:

  • at erection of scaffolding,
  • in the installation of fences, Nagaev,
  • when used as structures embedded in concrete.

Welded part limited in scope. This is due to the fact, that the seam is less durable than the walls, as well as more prone to corrosion. worth knowing, Welded better withstand higher pressure than seamless. Application of the last part is limited in the following cases:

  • when in contact with corrosive or toxic substances, because of possible seal failure seam,
  • in the food industry, sometimes metal in the weld region enters into a chemical reaction with the product.

When choosing between the suture and seamless tube rental Enterprise reasonable to focus on industry recommendations, experience and common sense. You also need to take into account the required grade of steel, size and whether the use of the product is associated with a risk. The potential risk, it is desirable to evaluate critically. So widely believed, that the freezing of water pipes, Welded tube breaks. This is true, but just as the ice breaks and the seamless pipes. because, to avoid an accident, We need to monitor the condition of the pipeline, prevent its freezing, just drained if necessary. However, for the transportation of water weldments Still relevant, than seamless.

Types and Sizes

Electric-welded tubular products produced with different cross-sectional shape. In terms of square articles, rectangular, either oval or round. By type of seam welded pipe is separated into; and spiral, if welding is carried out in a spiral. Products of the first type of tearproof. Pipes are also separated by kind of welding, which is plasma, high frequency current or gas.

Dimensions and weight of electric products installed GOST 10704-91. The maximum length of pipe 9-12 m, if necessary, the product produced random length.

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