head, caring staff, must buy office chair, providing ease of operation. If the rooms are small and everything at your fingertips, reasonable purchase model on wheels. Employee will be able to move easily in tight spaces, not getting.

The choice depends on the operating conditions, and in particular on the type of floor covering. If the office is laid laminate, it is necessary to acquire the chair with rubberized swivel casters. When the coating is less demanding, give preference to models with black plastic rollers, to be installed in the budget analogues.

What to choose a chair with rollers

An example of such a model will serve as a CH-799SL with a mesh back and fabric upholstery. Unassuming product is characterized by reliability and a number of design features, simplifying operation. Oscillation is controlled by a back spring-screw type mechanism. Provides vertical fixing structure. The height is adjusted by means of gas lift, chrome, an extension of the cross. The backrest is made of ergonomic mesh, and the upholstery is made of durable fabric TW. The product is designed for standard weight 120 kg and is suitable for most office workers.

More expensive, It is not always better

More expensive models KSI (T-612) manufactured upholstery fabric JP. The product has a number of operational advantages:

  • armrests are height adjustable;
  • rocking mechanism allows you to change the backrest angle and height;
  • Rollers are made of black plastic;
  • filling of polyurethane foam.

Cross-plastic, and it is the cheapest material, traditionally used for staff models. The material used for strength characteristics is not much inferior to metal. Using JP fabric upholstery enhances durability and prolong the life of the product.

If you want Chair Secretary, you can choose a model with a metal crosspiece, having a presentable. However, these chairs are much harder, which may hinder the transport and operation of the fragile girl. Some models in addition to the metal frame are the lining of the cheap wood, painted in the color of beech, walnut or mahogany. Options determines the cost of production. If you want to buy quality office chair with wheels price, which is not high, better to give preference to models with a plastic crosspiece and classical upholstery.


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