Wood – one of the best materials for the manufacture of furniture. its hardness, Colour, texture, abrasion resistance, combined with the skill of carpentry allow you to create unique works, ranging from simple tables and chairs to sophisticated dressers, wardrobes or double beds.

Solid wood furniture

Advantages of solid wood furniture

  • Wood – This durable material. Securely protected furniture from solid wood can serve hundreds of years. Once produced a piece of furniture, which cared for properly, It can be used by several generations.
  • Wood is universally. Wooden furniture looks elegant living room-like, bedroom, and in the children's room. Suitable for both classical, and modern interiors.
  • Wood is easily adapted to other materials. Wood can be combined with the skin, stone, glass, other wood and fabric. The number of variations is limited only by imagination of the designer and the user.
  • Wood – this healthy stuff. Solid wood furniture does not cause allergies, since the natural product contains no harmful substances. It has the ability to independently regulate the humidity (absorbability – or the ability to absorb water and to give the surrounding air), pleasant to the touch, radiant heat, which has a positive impact on users. Ecological furniture is usually coated with layers of ecological varnish. These procedures make it resistant to aggressive environments. Particular attention should be paid to the tree, oiled, this wood attracts less dust.

Where to buy furniture from solid wood?

Look for where to buy beautiful and functional furniture made of solid wood in Belarus? Company Woodland offer products on the most favorable terms. All information furnished online woodland.by made of oak, pine, birch… These materials are practical, safe for health and have low cost compared to other tree species.

Pine furniture can be safely placed in the bedroom, and in the children's room. It does not emit harmful substances into the air and is suitable for people, prone to allergic reactions. All products are certified and meet the necessary standards.

Large variety of forms, sizes and stylistic solutions allow everyone to find a suitable solid wood furniture for every room. If you have not found the required option, to the Woodland You can order and buy pine furniture on individual parameters. Order furniture from solid wood can be on the company's website or at t: +375 44 730-49-16.

Woodland offers Benefits
  • Single
  • solid wood chairs
  • wooden tables
  • bedside tables
  • bunk beds
  • beds made of solid
  • tables from an array
  • chests of drawers from the array
  • orthopedic base…
  • quality solid wood furniture
  • low prices
  • individual approach
  • the entire wooden furniture guarantee
  • favorable delivery conditions

At extra charge:

  • the rise of the furniture to the floor paid as agreed

Form the sale of goods: large wholesale, small wholesale, retail, wood furniture to order.

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