The living room is one room, where the family spends a cozy evening, which invite friends, it is here that celebrate holidays, that is, it is the room, that should unite. AND, of course, in this room is the main attribute of a sofa. so, let's see, how to choose the right sofa in the living room.Choose a sofa for the living room

The main criteria when choosing a sofa

  1. Decide on a place in the living room, where there will be a sofa.
  2. Form and conditions. Sofas come in corner, conventional straight-shaped and n, and a stationary or mobile roller. In terms of size, There are 2, 3-x, 4-seater model.
  3. Style. Upholstered furniture should be harmoniously fit into the interior and emphasize the style of living. Sofas are divided into: classic, minimalist, modern and baroque. If you can not decide, то специалисты рекомендуют остановить свой выбор на нейтральной модели. Дополнительно можно купить через бесплатные объявления в Интернете чехол для дивана и декоративные подушки.
  4. choice of upholstering. This problem is rather complicated, since you'll have to pick up the material, which is able to withstand and spilled a cup of coffee, and claws pet, and markers, and so on. It should be taken into account, that light fabric look beautiful only in stores, and at home, they quickly come into disrepair and lose their attractive appearance. Upholstery species also must be selected, starting from the intensity of the load on the sofa. As for the price, the most budget is one flock, which is very pleasant to the touch, but after a couple of years, losing its original form, a bit more expensive - velor, Next - tapestry, Chenille, Jacquard and most expensive - Natural and artificial leather. The best option for the living room is a jacquard, which is characterized by its strength, It does not fade and is easy to clean.
  5. The framework is an important element of the sofa, which carries mechanisms. "Skeleton" of the sofa has to bear the weight of the number of people, on which it is calculated. It is considered the best wooden beam, in the low-end models – in places, где не предусматривается большая нагрузка, может использоваться ДСП.
  6. Наполнитель – это личное дело каждого. Некоторым нравится мягкий диван, другие отдают предпочтение более твёрдым наполнителям. Диваны, usually, наполняют поролоном (не долговечный, мягкий), пружинными блоками (зачастую дорогие модели), пенополиуретаном (может быть как мягким, and hard, Highly).
  7. Folding mechanism for a sofa in the living room is required only in the event, when you are going to use it as a sleeping place. And the choice you need to do it right, since the market today offers a lot of options: "sofa", "Accordion", «Booklet», "dolphin", "Clamshell" and many others.

So to what does opt? certainly, on the market represented a huge range of sofas, and the choice depends on many factors. Pay attention to the above criteria, as well as the manufacturer. But most importantly - bought the sofa should you like and bring comfort to your living room.


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