When you need to get cheap electricity for domestic or household use, reasonable to have available a powerful petrol or diesel electric current generator.

The first win cheapness and simplicity of design. Most often in the shop "EVROINSTRUMENT" https://eurotools.ua/elektrostantsii-generatory buy a version with pre-stroke internal combustion engine, who do not need a particularly complex sales service, because they do not have a timing system, They operate at high speeds and are used in the form of special fuel mixture of gasoline and synthetic, are mixed together in the ratio 40:1. At the same generator plant using magneto, do not consume so much fuel (a little bit more 1 liters of 1 kW) and often have a tubular chassis, convenient in terms of ease, strength and vibration absorption.

gasoline generator with a two-stroke internal combustion engine

More technological considered petrol versions, equipped with a four-stroke internal combustion engine, who have additional cooling and lubrication. In this case, they burn only clean gasoline in minor amounts (no more 0.4 l 1 kW), They are often equipped with starters, batteries and wheel chassis.

gasoline generator with Shaxi

If you want to drastically reduce the cost of producing electricity, better to choose a diesel generator, working under a high degree of compression, which is in the best versions can be up to double-digit mark. In this case, the engine runs at low speeds, It has an efficiency of up to 40 percent and the minimum fuel consumption - the power to release 10 KW burn no more 2.7 l cheap diesel, allowing equipment, if it is heavily exploited, pay off very quickly.

On the plus side, and need to include the presence of the ATS system (automatic transfer switch), Equipment which launches, if the power supply from stationary sources will not occur. Include the generator manually, as it had done previously, do not have.

Moreover, you can select the store "EVROINSTRUMENT" high power diesel generators (to 220 kW), who consume not a lot of fuel - no more 40 liters per hour. For those places, where not enough power three-phase voltage, the latest high-power diesel generators and reduce fuel consumption, considered the best solution.

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