Chinese company Haier Corporation - one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioners of all types and configurations, as well as refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, microwave ovens and other home electronics.

Naer conditioners from China

The history of the brand Haier

The company is constantly expanding its arsenal of new technologies, both by their acquisition, and by implementing their own development in cooperation with leading Chinese research centers, including:

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences;
  • Research Center of the Institute of Radio, Film and Television;
  • Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

In order to create new technologies in the company involved 120 professors 25 universities. And created its own Central Research Institute, and 10 information departments and 6 engineering offices around the world.

Haier number of employees more 30 000 man. The sales volume in the past only 10 years increased 4 000 time, on - and the growth rate 29%. Company products are supplied in 87 countries of the world. 60% exports go to Europe and the US. Sales only in the US 2018 I have made 76,65 million. dollars. The Russian original Haier air conditioners you can buy in the online store “ecosystem”.

The company's motto: "The ability to be creative, the speed and the development of strategic business units ".

The advantages of Haier air conditioners

  • Function Smart Eye Haier
    • «Smart Eye» inverter unit with intelligent function and allows you to save energy at 31% in a more accurate maintenance of the necessary conditions in the room.
    • With the help of a special sensor, the air conditioner itself turns on when people appear and turns off in their absence.
    • "Night Mode" is automatically turned on and off using the light sensor.
    • Frequency and rotation speed are adjusted automatically, depending on temperature.
  • The new refrigerant R410a air conditioners Haier
    • Refrigerant R410a helps to save the ozone layer. It does not contain chlorine and preserves the ozone layer.
  • Sanitation technology
    • Air purification from benzene, sulfur dioxides, formaldehyde, smoke, dust and molds with a new strainer, with regeneration.
    • The three-layer filter for controlling harmful particles.
    • Effective silencers internal and external block.
    • Protection against bacterial contamination through the use of remote control and pan for hygienic materials.
  • Special air filter
    • Odors and dust does not pass the filter grille.
  • long duration
    • Protection against corrosion and weather influences with a plastic sheathing.
  • strong heating function
    • Heat in the room during the cold season.
  • automatic activation
    • Air conditioner resumes operation when restoring power supply network.
  • Sophisticated design
    • Convenient for small spaces streamlined body.
  • Efficiency
    • The inner grooved copper tube with an enlarged contact area of ​​the refrigerant provides more efficient cooling and heating.
  • Quiet
    • The tubular fan with blades deployed operates quietly and efficiently.
  • Energy-saving design
    • Heat exchanger made of water-resistant shutters operates efficiently and economically.



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