In place of the usual wooden window frames have come modern aluminum windows, become, fiberglass (stekloplasika) and PVC (PVC). In this article we will talk about numerous and undeniable advantages of plastic windows Rehau before wooden.

windows rehau

advantages of windows Rehau from the company “ACS Stroymontazh”

  • Environmentally friendly.What could be more environmentally friendly natural wood? Correctly, environmentally friendly - no, but we affirm, that PVC profile (polyvinylchloride), obtained on the basis of natural oil and salt, not inferior to the tree on this indicator. It is chemically neutral, and therefore, environmentally friendly.
  • Durability. In addition to environmental chemical neutrality PVC says, that this product does not react with the elements of the air, means - stable to their impact. I.e, unlike wood, deforming the temperature difference, moisture and drying the sun - much more durable (The tests showed, PVC windows that guarantee a minimum service 40 years old). On a plastic window Rehau, which can be purchased on the page https://окна-строймонтаж.рф/production/, You will not see bundles, cracks, distortions and deformation under the influence of the sun, of wind, moisture and frost. Besides, plastic “not tasty” for beetle-bark beetle and its larvae, Consequently, damage to the window on that side, too, can be excluded!
  • thermal insulation, soundproofing, strength. These properties of PVC windows, creating a special microclimate in the room, reduces the cost of funds for its heating and air conditioning, purchase and installation of grilles, It consists of several factors:
    • The design of the glazing. Running the manufacture of PVC glass windows form a so-called triplex ("Three layers"): two glasses (min. 4 mm) and joining them together transparencies, that adds strength and serves as an additional safeguard against unauthorized access from the outside.
    • PVC-profile inside filled webs, giving it stiffness and resistance to any kind of deformation. The compartments between the partitions filled with air, and this - additional sound- , thermal insulation and impact on reducing the overall weight of the structure.
    • Double-glazed windows, used instead of conventional window frames, They have one or two sealed air chambers between the glass-triplex, retaining heat and cold inside + noise - outside.
    • System 2-3 contour seal prevents gaps in the plastic window structure, eliminating the ingress of moisture and draft.
  • The choice of shapes and sizes. possible! When buying a plastic window (PVC) in “ACS Stroymontazh” certainly invite professional appliances, which will allow for on-site features and the size of your window opening and your wishes regarding the form window.
  • opening the way to, fixation, ventilation. These factors depend on the hardware (window handles, loop, locking mechanisms). Specify master their wishes on the occasion of the opening method (vertical or horizontal), ventilation mode and fix the window frames in position.
  • easy care. PVC windows do not require painting, easy to clean, hardware items should be lubricated to eliminate the creaking and seizing.
  • design. The search may be selected and the color of the glass window units PVC. sunfast, no yellowing in the sun, No cracking plastic windows will add to your home or office of respectability and comfort with minimum maintenance for them.
  • cost of. The cost of manufacturing of PVC windows Rehau in St. Petersburg is much lower, than wood, for the tree, suitable for designs, It is growing for decades, It requires proper storage and operation. With regard to plastic windows these problems are absent, making them cheaper wood.

If you are tired of every year to paint on both sides of their wooden windows, scour the glass paint, to deal with the beetle and gloss over the cracks formed in the frames, - just buy cheap and durable plastic box (PVC) Rehau in St. Petersburg. To do this, you do not even have to look for a specialized shop, because for the order you should just call the t: +7(812)716-70-50.

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