The relatively low price of windows and doors made of plastic has led to, they are most common in other products. Used for their production shockproof PVC has a high strength and resistance to weathering. It is also resistant to mold and insects.


Advantages of PVC windows and doors

The multi-chamber profile construction, using heat-insulating properties of air provides excellent thermal insulation parameters, causing a decrease in the value of heat transfer coefficient U of the window or door frame. Carpentry of white PVC, retain their color for many years. No need for painting frames so periodic maintenance is reduced mainly to moving parts (furniture) products.doors and PVC windows 2

PVC doors have smooth outer surfaces of the profiles, making them easier to clean, reducing the time, spent on maintenance. Rounded edges and thin bevels on visible profile surfaces give them a modern look.

Simple plastic processing allows products in any color and form. High resistance to water allows their use in high humidity. Besides, PVC products are non-combustible, and at the time of the disappearance of the hearth fire extinguished itself.

The disadvantages of windows and doors from PVC

but, Besides the advantages and disadvantages they have. PVC products are very sensitive to the quality of the installation. Too hard landing in the holes, with a rather large linear expansion of the plastic under the influence of high temperatures can cause deformation and jamming of the wing, or even destruction of frames and glasses. Therefore it is recommended that installation be carried out specialists.doors and PVC windows 3

In the event of mechanical damage to the windows and doors they can not be repaired. Also, there is no possibility of color changes in the course of operation of products. Sealed doors and windows made of PVC, used in buildings with gravitational ventilation, very often prevent air entering the corresponding, therefore require the establishment of the supply duct.

The cost of the windows and doors from PVC

Yes undoubtedly windows and doors from PVC have small flaws, but overshadow the positive aspects of their, and this is due to the great popularity of. If you build or overhaul of you might be interested in profitable stocks here you will find the most attractive prices on the market.

Compared with wood, iron, aluminum, plastic windows and doors, PVC are the most attractive prices. And in case of careful treatment, they can serve or slightly better than the other – providing excellent heat and sound insulation, as well as keeping the original color over the years, will not burn in the sun.

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