Good insulation at home is to protect the family from the cold and indoor comfort. In fact, insulating a house from the inside also prevents mold and mildew from appearing on the surface of the walls., which are formed as a result of moisture ingress. Internal insulation is a simple and quick way to improve the comfort of households.

When it is necessary to insulate the walls from the inside

Insulating a building internally is a great way to increase the temperature inside rooms., as well as protection from moisture as a result of freezing walls. Has proven itself in residential buildings, and also in rarely used buildings, like party halls or churches, where there is a need for quick warm-up.

This method of insulating a residential building is used when there is a need to reduce heating costs. This method of insulation also works in the case, if there is such a problem as freezing of walls, and insulation from the outside is impossible due to the historical value of the facade, which does not allow work to be carried out to change the appearance of the building. And it is not always possible to live in your own private house., located separately, then you need to get the consent of the neighbors of the adjacent houses, for insulating the facade of your house.

Internal insulation – best practices

There are several ways to insulate from the inside.. One of the safer and more profitable method is the use of expanded polystyrene boards, приобрести которые недорого в Санкт-Петербурге можно в компании Торговый дом Слон. If your house requires insulation, worth paying attention to this method, as it is a simpler and faster solution, than external insulation.

Non-combustible polystyrene foam plates, which significantly increases the safety of households. Perfectly insulate building walls, thereby reducing heating costs and preventing moisture formation. Maintaining optimal humidity levels does so, that our walls are not subject to mold and mildew. The installation system does not require the use of frames and concealed mesh, making installation simple and quick. For instructions on how to insulate a house from the inside using expanded polystyrene plates, see the video for this article.


The main advantage of internal thermal insulation of house walls is a significant reduction in heating costs, that during the winter season your wallet will quickly feel. Insulating the walls from the inside can also eliminate unwanted moisture in the room, which leads to the formation of mold and damage to the walls. Isolation of premises inside also allows you to preserve the original appearance of the external facade of the building..

When foam polystyrene plates are used during the installation of internal insulation, several more advantages appear.:

  • easy installation;
  • reduction of costs for insulation due to the simplicity of construction and installation;
  • fast work speed, compared to mineral wool insulation or external insulation.

Nevertheless, the main advantage is the comfort of a family who lives in warm, well protected from moisture premises, which affects not only well-being, but also on their health.


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