Phyto-luminaires often used by summer residents in greenhouse buildings. This is a great way of lighting, which helps to accelerate the growth of vegetables and fruits. Its useful to note, that the light source increases the final crop yield. Enough not just for the family, but a significant part will remain for sale.

LED phytolamps are perfect for seedlings, indoor plants, colors, vegetables and fruits. This lamp can be installed at home, for indoor plants or for lighting greenhouses . Anyway, if there is not enough sunlight, then phytolamps are an excellent substitute for the sun.
lighting for greenhouses

Advantages of phytolamps

1) Phytolamps do not require as much electricity, like sodium lamps. The device consumes approximately 5 times less, which allows you to significantly save on paying bills.

2) The lighting system does not get very hot, which means, that the leaves of crops are completely safe.

3) The system emits a wide spectrum of light, necessary for plants.

4) The lamp can work up to 50 thousand colors.

5) The intensity and spectrum of illumination can be adjusted in the system.

6) Maintenance of the device will not require any costs.

7) No need to purchase an additional room ventilation system.

8) Modular in design.

9) Devices are easy to carry.

10) The device is easy to install.

11) The system is small in size with high performance.

12) There is no need to follow the supplementary lighting mode.

13) No preparatory work required for installation.

14) LEDs have a really high light output.

15) Efficiency reaches very high levels.

16) The device is completely harmless to humans and plants. It does not contain harmful substances.

17) The lighting system does not emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which are harmful to plants.

18) The device is environmentally friendly and allows you to significantly save.


What phytolamp is suitable for?

1) Summer residents often use LED phytolamps in winter greenhouses , because in winter, vegetables and fruits receive the least amount of sunlight. Phytolamps can accelerate the growth and development of crops, and also significantly increase the final yield.

2) The lighting system can be used for enclosed spaces.

3) This is a great way to illuminate an area., reaching 1 m2.lamp for greenhouses

When to use phytolamp?

An attentive gardener will quickly notice, that plants begin to die slowly due to lack of light.
Here are some signals, who about it:

1) If vegetables and fruits start to grow significantly slower.

2) If the gap between leaves and shoots becomes very large, and the stems will become thin.

3) If new leaves grow smaller, than the old.

4) The lower leaves will begin to turn yellow and fall off.

5) Plants will have few buds. They will become pale and lethargic.

6) The variegated leaves will suddenly turn green.

LED phytolamps will help crops receive this amount of light, which will help them develop correctly. You will be able to get a high yield in less time..

The following is a video on how to choose a phytolamp


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