DTK closed type: silent hunting without unnecessary noise

DTK closed typeHunting weapons can make significant noise when fired., which leads to frightening of animals and a decrease in the chances of a successful hunt. To solve this problem, there are a number of devices, including DTK closed type. In this article, we will look at, What is a closed type DTK?, what are its features and advantages, and also on what types of hunting weapons it can be installed.

What is a closed type DTK?

DTK (muzzle brake compensator) closed type – this device, which is installed on the muzzle of a weapon and is designed to reduce the volume of the shot, improving weapon controllability and reducing recoil. The peculiarity of the closed type is that, that it completely covers the muzzle of the weapon, preventing gases from escaping from the barrel in all directions.

Advantages of closed type DTK

  1. Reducing the volume of the shot: Closed type DTK significantly reduces the noise level when fired, which allows you to hunt without scaring the animal.
  2. Diminishing Returns: thanks constructs devices, recoil energy when fired is distributed evenly, which makes it easier to control the weapon and reduces shooter fatigue.
  3. Improved handling: A closed-type DTK facilitates the rapid return of the weapon to its original position after a shot., which makes it easier to target and increases shooting accuracy.
  4. Muzzle protection: closed design provides additional protection for the muzzle of the weapon from dirt, dust and moisture.

Compatible with various types of weapons

Closed type DTK can be installed on various types of hunting weapons, including:

  • Hunting rifled weapon: carbines and rifles with rifled barrels, designed for shooting over long distances and requiring high accuracy. Closed-type DTK improves the controllability of such weapons, makes it easier to target and reduces noise levels.
  • Hunting smoothbore weapon: smooth bore shotguns, used primarily for hunting birds and small game. Installing a closed-type DTK helps reduce the volume of the shot, which allows you to hunt without scaring animals.
  • Semi-automatic rifles and carbines: these types of weapons can also be equipped with a closed-type DTK, which provides improved handling, accuracy and noise reduction when firing.

How to select and install a closed type DTK?

When choosing DTK closed type, You should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Weapon Compatibility: make sure, that the selected DTK model is suitable for your type of weapon and caliber. Some manufacturers offer universal models, compatible with various types of weapons.
  2. Material: select device, made from high quality materials, such as steel or aluminum, to ensure durability and reliability.
  3. Weight and dimensions: for maximum comfort when using weapons, choose a DTK with an optimal weight-to-size ratio.

Installation of a closed type DTK is usually carried out in certified workshops or specialized hunting stores. Refer to qualified personnel for proper installation and configuration of the device, to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety of use.

A closed-type DTK is an effective device for reducing the volume of a shot, improving controllability and reducing recoil of hunting weapons. It is suitable for installation on various types of weapons, including rifled and smoothbore rifles, carbines and shotguns

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