The peculiarity of the island state policy in the, that foreign nationals, having a sufficiently solid capital, can expect to receive local citizenship. By the way, elsewhere alien issued permit permanent or subject to a large number of conditions. In fact, such a state program was put back in 1993 year. But for some reason, only in recent years it has started to become more and more popular.

Dominica citizenship

Advantages of Dominica citizenship

We believe, You do not need to explain, that citizenship - it is always an infusion of cash into the economy, where to send the. But not always incredibly huge infusion. On the site You can find out, what are the ways to obtain the passport of Dominica. And we'll talk about the key bonuses, that you get with citizenship:

  • To constantly travel, without spending a lot of time on the issue of visas. just think, Citizens can visit Dominica 137 nations. In this pre-visa is not required, it should be issued only after arriving in another country (and it is not always necessary). You can travel in the Schengen countries for three months. Even in the UK open access 6 months of the year.
  • Government seriously worried about citizens' privacy. Therefore, the first in the country of nationality is not information that, that a person will get another passport. For some people this is an extremely important point.
  • World income is not subject to the tax base. Similar can be said about the inheritance. It is difficult to imagine the Russians today, who does not think about tax planning.
  • Citizenship affordable enough. In our time, in this regard, the State is the most open in the Caribbean. The donation to the state fund is 100 one thousand dollars. You to understand, Some other countries require infusion of about 300 thousand euros.
  • high probability, that do not have problems with obtaining visas to the United States and Canada. Many citizens of Dominica without difficulty receive long-term visa, that the Russians seem to have frank myth.
  • No requirements for accommodation. I.e, you do not need it to live in the Caribbean. You are an investor, invest in country, issued documents, etc. can go wherever you want.

All these bonuses are relevant for 2019 year, including.

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