Since the beginning of its existence, civilization has faced the problem of waste and waste water. Human activity is inconceivable without a large consumption of water. Great-grandmother of all sewage systems was the usual cesspool. Its principle of operation at different times, dependent on the level of technology, but, generally, It remained unchanged for centuries. Dug a hole and go different ways merged waste. The precipitate was then removed. clear, that with this method had a number of disadvantages.

  • first: periodically remove precipitate was necessary.
  • second, and, perhaps, the most important thing: liquid gets into the ground, without going through the proper cleaning, which led to the contamination and silting up of the soil.

For land preservation, pits even tried to make tight, but it is not very effective method due to the limited scope and the need for frequent direct pumping. A much more progressive and practical the invention is septic tank clean, which you can buy in the company “engineering technology”. He actually is a settler with a drainage system.

septic dochistka

This device operates as follows:.

  1. Waste water pipe according to fall into a special underground reservoir, which in turn is divided into several compartments.
  2. The fluid seeps through filters, and then more or less clean water comes out through the drainage system.

disadvantages, albeit in much smaller numbers, as in the cesspool.

Further development of the local sewage systems became aeration station, which also already have in stock company “engineering technology”. In the role of the natural "cleaning" of the liquid from the organic pollutants here are the bacteria and atmospheric oxygen. This uses a method of so called "fine-bubble aeration", ie forced saturation sewage large amount of oxygen. This is a blow to the pollution from two directions:

  • on the one hand bacteria consume organic matter,
  • on the other it decomposes oxygen.

Aeration Biological Station

This approach can significantly accelerate and make the process very efficient purification. Unlike traditional clarifiers, aeration station are not finished products warehouse, drains. It is precisely cleaning, rather than the separation of unwanted fractions, for subsequent storage and disposal. Because of the technologies used, these devices do not distribute a characteristic foul odor. Stations are tight and give the best environmental results.

Preferable course system with forced removal of the purified water, how in septic tank clean 1.2. This feature increases throughput characteristics. For their work using conventional aeration station, electricity network. Its flow is relatively small. The unit may produce a normal person, not having a special qualification.

These systems can handle garden, house in the countryside. They can, It will be a salvation for small towns, where only heard of a central sewage. The most important thing – to choose the right kind of equipment, depending on water consumption. Further development and use of aerobic stations, It will optimize the process of sewage and water, and will significantly improve the environmental situation.

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