Tires for rollers (asphalt paver): how to choose the right option

Asphalt rollers are an essential tool for road construction and maintenance. but, for the roller to work efficiently, choose the right tires, that will be installed on it.. In this article, we will look at, how to choose suitable tires for asphalt paver rollers, based on the recommendations of experts and manufacturers.Ice rink tires, asphalt paver.

Tire width

Recommended Tire Width for Asphalt Roller Paver – from 60 to 80 cm.

The wider the tire, the more contact area it creates with the surface, which increases its stability on asphalt. Width tires for rollers also affects the uniformity of load distribution on the surface, which prevents the appearance of marks on the road. but, tires that are too wide can increase the weight of the roller, which can lead to poor maneuverability..

Tire profile

Recommended Tire Profile for Asphalt Paver Rollers – from 5 to 10 mm.

Low profile tires for better surface stability, which makes it more manoeuvrable and increases productivity. but, higher profile tires can provide a smoother and more even road surface, which makes them more suitable for work on roads with high traffic speeds.

Tire material

Recommended Materials for Tire Rollers for Asphalt Paver – polyurethane and rubber.

Tires, made of rubber, provide better adhesion to the surface, which makes the roller more maneuverable and stable. but, rubber tires tend to wear out quickly, especially when working on roads with sharp turns and slopes.

Tires, made from polyurethane, have higher wear resistance, making them more durable and cost effective in the long run. but, polyurethane tires may have lower traction, which can lead to loss of stability of the roller when working on slippery surfaces.

Tire stiffness

Recommended tire stiffness for asphalt paver rollers – from 60 to 90 Shore.

Stiff tires allow the roller to keep its shape better, which increases its stability on the surface and increases productivity. but, tires that are too stiff can lead to higher vibration levels, which can adversely affect operator comfort and lead to poor quality asphalt paving.

Additional Recommendations

  1. Choosing Tires for Rollers on Asphalt Paver, operating conditions must be taken into account, such as road type, movement speed, climatic conditions, etc..
  2. It is recommended to choose tires from trusted manufacturers, who guarantee the quality and reliability of their products.
  3. Periodically check the condition of the tires, to avoid wear and improve the safety of the roller.

Choosing the Right Tire for Asphalt Paver Rollers – important factor, which affects the performance and quality of the rink. When choosing tires, consider the width and profile of the tires, material and stiffness, as well as operating conditions. Following the recommendations of manufacturers and experts, you will be able to choose the right tires for the rink, that provide high performance, safety and durability.

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