There are many construction and renovation companies on the market, offering their services. However, sometimes it happens, that the declared reliability of the company is not confirmed in practice. As a result, we lose money and nerves due to the unprofessionalism of contractors. When looking for a good construction company, you should not choose the first one that comes across. Let's follow the rules, which will help us choose the best repair and finishing company.Apartment renovation 7 reasons to trust professionals

How to look for a construction company?

  • It's best to ask your friends. May be, they themselves recently did apartment renovations and they have a proven company in mind.
  • Repair companies advertise themselves in the press and on the Internet. But remember, do not believe the reviews on the website of the repair and finishing company. Use third-party resources for analysis: ratings of the best construction companies in Moscow, thematic forums, otzoviki…  The advantage of such portals is, that they allow you to view opinions written by clients of a given company, and not filtered reviews at the office. company website.
  • Remember, that a good specialist will advise the best solutions. You don't need to know anything about finishing work. The repair company should discuss with you the practicality and cost of your plans.
  • Choose a construction company with experience. This guarantees the speed and accuracy of the repair performed..
  • A good construction company is versatile. Knows modern building materials and interesting solutions. If you want to get some unusual services, eg, stucco or travertine ( decorative plasters ), worth asking, does the contractor have a certificate confirming training, which he passed in this area.
  • It is best if the plumbing, electrical and finishing services will be provided by one company at once, this makes the individual repair steps easier to organize.
  • It is worth comparing the prices of several individual companies, so you can check if the chosen company overprices the cost of its services.
  • It's worth taking care of the formalities, including signing an agreement with a list of works and conditions. This will avoid misunderstandings and make it easier to meet deadlines..
  • The repair process needs to be monitored, but not intrusive. This will also give you the opportunity to react in time to a possible problem.,  discuss alternative solutions with the contractor.

Which construction companies should be avoided?

  • Don't be guided by the principle, what a dear specialist – good specialist. It is not always so.
  • If at first you see disorganization and disorder, can be expected, that the renovation in the apartment will be the same.
  • Construction company, which often changes employees, – not the best choice either. At first, the owner doesn't know, Whom to choose, and it can happen like this, that he will hire an incompetent person. Moreover, frequent change of employees may indicate a bad relationship between the boss and employees, eg, about late payment of wages.
  • Don't give advances. You only need to pay money for the necessary materials, otherwise you can give an advance, and then wait a month until the workers appear.

A well-chosen construction team will provide you with psychological comfort during the repair and will satisfy you with high-quality services.. If you take the time to make the right choice, can be expected, that the repair will be carried out quickly and efficiently, and the rooms will remain clean after the departure of the team. You can choose a construction company on the website

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