Technology Construction of a brick house


As practice shows, the foundation for a brick house – monolithic reinforced concrete slab, the best solution from all points of view (simplicity, speed, reliability, economy)


Walling – the main stage in the construction of any home. on, how they will be implemented will depend exterior of the house. Its safety and energy efficiency. In addition to bricks, the construction of houses, also use porous blocks, which significantly accelerate the process of building due to its large size and ease of laying. The basic material traditional cement-sand mixture units interconnected serves for bonding (solution).

Ways to improve heat saving houses made of bricks

Probably the most effective way to insulate homes, without excessive thickening of the walls is the use of hollow bricks, having air inside cavity, which in turn reduces heat loss in your home country. Optimal in its properties is a ceramic brick, having only 50% voids of the total. This structure allows you to save strength and energy efficiency at home, which undoubtedly it is an important aspect of the design and construction of your future home.

Another type of brick is the so-called aerated stone. Its porous structure is obtained by adding a clay mass sawdust, which are combusted during the firing process, forming air pores. This material is also excellent at trapping heat in your home country.

Well, perhaps, last, third embodiment is the insulation of a brick house technology, in which the walls are made of brick house with a minimum thickness of load-bearing walls, sufficient to create a lasting house. Next erected walls insulated from the outside.

Exterior finish of buildings and houses of brick

Appearance of your future brick house must comply with its inner essence: solidity, thoroughness, wealth. There are several ways to refine the facade: facing brickwork, finishing ceramic tiles or stone wool insulation or plaster with insulation.

  • Facing brick - the most common variant facade cladding, tk. the entire color palette, shapes and properties, you are bound to find for itself a brick, satisfying all your desires.
  • Plastering - the simplest and most economical option for the decoration of houses made of bricks.
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