Solid fuel boiler automatic

Solid fuel boiler automatic has one important difference from classic thermal boilers. This difference forms a separate modification series and consists in the presence of a set of special units and devices for automatic fuel supply. Special means consist of means of mechanization and electric drives in tandem with sensors and relays.Solid fuel boiler automatic

Automatic solid fuel boilers have a number of performance advantages, implemented through additional equipment:

  • High and sustainable economic effect. It is provided by the ability of the boiler to use limited portions of fuel., which maintain a constant thermal torque, without exceeding or reducing it. This use of fuel is called rational.
  • Reliability. Automatic solid fuel heating boilers are subject to individual thermal and strength calculations, which form an appropriate safety margin for each product.
  • Efficiency. Automated feeding systems vary in design, but their purpose is to effectively ensure the high efficiency of the thermal installation, whose energy is directed to the operation of the heating system.

These benefits will be realized, if automatic solid fuel heating boilers are installed correctly. Proper self-assembly includes a wide range of activities.

so, automatic solid fuel heating boilers work exclusively with certain types of solid fuel, the main condition is that the fuel should make it possible to use it automatically. And this is a series of properties - granularity, ability to resist deformation and active bending, high energy intensity. These types of fuel include clumped peat, pellets, Solid fuel boiler automatic - a modified solid fuel boiler, different types of coal. If this fuel is selected, then it can be used. What additional economic benefits can be acquired?, if you use automatic solid fuel heating boilers using sawdust, if you build them for work in a woodworking enterprise. This will make it possible to constantly ship and use waste as fuel.

Automatic fuel supply systems can be divided into two types - top feed and bottom feed (bunker). Each modification is accompanied by individual design solutions.

The top automatic feed consists of a reservoir, which has the shape of a cone. Fuel is poured from above, and its supply is carried out by an automatic valve (damper), which opens either pneumatically or electrically. Such systems are effective, but they have one flaw - they are difficult to adjust for dosed delivery, Therefore, such automatic solid fuel heating boilers are used in this case, if more power is needed, where minor deviations in thermal power are unimportant. Bunker-type installations are more complex, they use a complex arrangement of a fuel tank - a bunker. A screw or screws are mounted at the bottom. With one screw, the chamber has rounded edges - this is a natural obstacle to the formation of stagnation of coal or other types of solid fuel. Under the action of the controller, the propeller motor sets its rotation, the propeller fibers pick up the fuel and move it to the combustion chamber. Instead of a propeller, front blade swivels or augers can also be used, but in this case the bunker is located oppositely behind the combustion chamber.

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