Disinfection - the basic procedures for health and other social sectors. They spend most of her professional, Using specially designed for this equipment, disinfectants, destroy harmful bacteria and ensure people stay safe. But disinfection is needed not only to areas with large concentrations of people, but our homes, where on the clothes and shoes we bring tens of thousands on a regular basis, if not millions of species of microorganisms. Always use the services of experts for the disinfection of the premises will cost you a tidy sum. And as in easy reach there are professional disinfectants for cleaning septuplets, This task becomes simple inhabitant forces.

How to disinfect the premises

How to disinfect household premises?

To eliminate dangerous pathogens requires constant work. The simplest measures to disinfect homes:

  • timely cleaning of premises;
  • quality laundry washing and cleaning of surfaces;
  • cleaning of all elements of sanitary ware.

The sun and the air-faithful allies in defeating pathogens. It means, that while cleaning and after you need to frequently open the windows on the airing. Producing wet cleaning, Use high-quality household cleaning products.

Most modern professional disinfectants, such as septuplets, It combines not only cleaning, but disinfectant properties.

for disinfectants – what to choose?

means disinfection

We recommend paying attention to such products:

  • “ProClin Universal Plus” – means for surfaces.
  • “proClin Sanit” – for plumbers.
  • “ProClin Antizhir Extra” –  cleanser.
  • Dishwashing liquid “proClin”.

Private situatsiya- is disinfected during the flow of the disease of the 1st of the tenants premises. If the home is sick with the disease, transmitted by airborne paths, come in handy especially powerful tool“septuplets Plus”. Thorough disinfection ensures the health of all residents, and ailing speedy recovery.

The main part of household assets, which have disinfectant properties, chloro comprises. This chemical element has a destroying effect on the majority of activators. At high concentrations of chlorine can be harmful to human, but its content in preparations, used in everyday life, fairly low. Therefore, disinfection at home can be carried out without special protection and special skills.

A few words about the disinfection of the skin integument injuries

disinfection of skin integument injuries

In everyday life, people are faced not only with disinfection of premises. It is not uncommon, requiring treatment of the skin covers. The leader in this case is the alcohol, but at home he is at hand, not everyone. Therefore, the purchase of alcohol wipes “Septuplets Napkin antiseptic” for your home first aid kit is a good alternative. They are much easier to handle abrasions, cuts and other minor injuries.

Also for the treatment of skin lesions suitable chlorhexidine, potassium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide solution. Iodine is not recommended for use, you can earn a portion of the damage and deliver quite unpleasant pain.

And few people know, that salt is also well established in this field. 10% salt solution does not develop bacteria in a wound. Besides, it creates favorable conditions for the exclusion of pus, blood clots.

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