How to transport your TV safely?

Often, after buying a TV, there is a huge cardboard box, that there is no delivery in the store. In this case, you can order the transportation of the TV in the company "MebelPerevezem" by t: 8 (495) 916-42-56 or bring it home yourself, how to do it correctly we will tell you in this article.

At first – cold calculation

TVs sold today are large or extra large items packed in boxes, which are even more. Not every car can safely transport a TV with a diagonal 40, 46, and especially 50 and more inches. Therefore, before going to the store, think, how will you return from it with a new purchase.

First check what size box can fit in your car. The following table of matrix diagonals and sizes of standard boxes will help you with this.. These are approximate dimensions., so good, if before buying, you will find out the exact parameters. What's important, most manufacturers recommend, so that TVs are transported upright. Be sure to take this into account!

  • TV set 32 inch – packing dimensions 830x560x135 mm
  • TV set 40 inches – packing dimensions 1250x750x145 mm
  • TV set 55 inches – packing dimensions 1535x810x155 mm
  • TV set 65 inches – packing dimensions 1575 × 955 × 235 mm

Now you know, fit TV in a box in your car, or, may be, it is better to use the service from the company "MebelPerevezem".

TV transportation
With the transportation of such a TV without the help of professionals, you definitely cannot do

How to transport and not damage?

Well then, if the TV fits in your car, now you will learn how to transport it. Install it vertically first. Never mind, in the trunk, in the back seat, or, may be, on the floor, but he must stand. This is especially true for large monitors.. Despite the stability of the box, it must be additionally secured. This can be done using seat belts or buy special rubber ropes with hooks, they will be useful in the future, when transporting a Christmas tree and other items.

The belts are fastened? The ropes are stretched? Well, let's hit the road! Be extremely careful when moving the TV, avoid bumps and potholes. Do not react to horns of other drivers and do not be provoked.

We recommend to the overview! If you are moving to another apartment and need to move the TV, but you have long ago thrown away its cardboard packaging, we advise you to watch the video for this article on how to properly pack your TV for moving.

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